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A Cue for Love

Chapter 921

Segment 899 The Hunter And The Prey Part Three There was question in the way Amos was looking at Natalie. Join Telegram Group For Fast update and Novel Query He had accepted that Natalie was one of those women who required a basic life by using their wonderfulness. He didn't guess that she ought to be significantly more forceful. "Which association are you from?" asked Amos as he held his wine glass while interest filled his shrewd eyes. "Dream Corporation. " "That prominent association in Chanaea that has as of late moved their business to Loang?" Amos asked, "Could you say you are the manager of the Public Relations Department? Then again the CEO secretary of Yandel? At the point when I am done discussing the game plan with Dream, I keep up with that you ought to join my association. " "If it's not too much trouble, acknowledge my statements of regret, but I'm not enthusiastic about doing that," Natalie excused him by and large. "You haven't been aware of my arrangements. How on earth might you at some point be absolutely sure that you won't be obliging me?" "Notwithstanding the way that extraordinary the benefits are, I will not change my viewpoint. " Natalie checked out the uproarious and turbulent ecological elements preceding saying steadily, "Mr. Stone, my proclamations of disappointment. I have forgotten to introduce myself. I go by Natalie. I'm the Chairwoman of Dream Corporation. I come the whole way here to meet you since I was unable to fix a gathering with you.

To go to Amos, go on. Today is my birthday in light of everything. I'm sure Amos will take care of me

. " Olivia felt that it is reasonable and motioned. "Okay. " Right when the eighteen-year-old Jerry saw his sister leave prodded, he truly needed to groan. Everyone understand that Amos was a playboy and had a great deal of pieces of noise about him. Between the Jones family and the Stone family, it was a marriage of solace. To Amos, their marriage was only significant for the demonstration. In any case, to Olivia, she viewed Amos like he was really her life partner. Olivia had everlastingly been very respectable and wealthy in all matters. Tragically, when it came to Amos' philandering ways, she transformed into something different by and large. Olivia went to look for Amos. Adequately veritable, both of them left the woman in the hare suit. Jerry put down his glass of wine and made a move as needs be. Right when Natalie saw Amos and Olivia leaving, she planned to send Yandel a message preceding vanishing. Before she could take out her phone, she saw the birthday kid deterring her direction. "You-" "Come here. " Jerry got Natalie's arm and pulled her outside. Everyone understand that Jerry was the primary kid during the Jones family, and he was similarly the most important grandchild. As the sole recipient of the Jones family, nobody contemplated guilty Jerry in the whole of Yaleview. Thus, everyone felt that he was making a move on Natalie. Nobody frequently pondered her prosperity using any and all means. "What's the deal with you?" At the point when Natalie answered, Jerry had recently pulled her to the shade.