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A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 55

“It’s all to blame for you silly girl. ” “If it wasn’t for you to get this car, and then come out to pretend to go for a drive, why would I be arrested!” “Mashy lady, bad thing for me!” Qiu Luo got more and more angry, and finally slapped Wang Qiaoyu’s face on the side, and directly put the dead lady on the ground. Qiu Muying’s family of four stayed in the game all night. It wasn’t until the next morning that Qiu Guang, the eldest of the Qiu family, rushed over to explain clearly, and brought the family of four back. In the old house of the Qiu family, all the relatives came. After all, all four of Qiu Luo’s family were arrested. This is not a trivial matter. Naturally, all the relatives came to have a look. When the family of four came back, their faces were all gray and ugly, especially Qiu Luo himself, whose faces turned blue into pig liver. I think Qiuluo is also a person with a face in the Qiu family. Now that she is ashamed and lost home, how can he live with her face. Half of Wang Qiaoyu’s face was swollen, and he lowered his head without saying a word. Qiu Muying also lost the arrogance of the past. Apparently, the experience of last night caused the family to be shocked. “Sister, are you all right?” For a while, all the relatives gathered around and asked with concern.

There is no good thing in the sky. ” “Your family of four, go back and change clothes quickly. ” “Don’t delay business at noon

. ” “President Shen invited us to a banquet because he looked at our Qiu family. We can’t help but appreciate it. We all went to wait in advance. ” “Especially Wen Fei, you are the protagonist at 98bcfa24 today, don’t lose face. ” Old man Qiu was speaking and stopped the quarrel here. When Qiu Muying’s family heard this, they remembered the day when the Shen family officially invited a banquet. The original dead fish faces of Wang Qiaoyu and Qiu Muying suddenly reappeared with pride. “Yes, Wen Fei, you are the protagonist at noon. If it weren’t for you, our Qiu family wouldn’t be lucky enough to have dinner with President Shen in this life. ” Wang Qiaoyu spoke very loudly, as if she was afraid that others would not know her son-in-law’s awesomeness. Qiu Muying also took Chu Wenfei’s hand, leaning against her husband’s arms, her show of affection, as if showing off her husband. Soon, Qiu Muying’s family changed their clothes and came out. Chu Wenfei’s suit was straight, his waxed hair combed back, and the shoes on his feet were shiny. Next to Chu Wenfei, Qiu Muying was wearing a bright red dress, but her black high heels were sexy, and she was proud of Chu Wenfei like a princess. “Lang Cai Nv looks!” “We are responsible for the beauty of the Qiu family. ” “I don’t know, but which celebrity couple did you think it was a parade?” The relatives flattered for a while, admiring Chu Wenfei in their hearts. “Wen Fei also has the ability, let Mr. Shen personally post a banquet, our Qiu family, take your light.