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All-Mighty Girl Gets Spoiled by A Bigshot

Chapter 107

Facing the students who stood up one by one and wanted to leave, Liang Hua laughed out of anger. “It's the other way around, it’s all the other way around. All of you from Class 4 are not listening to me, right? Good, very good. When the time comes, don’t come begging me to teach you!” After saying these words, Liang Hua left Class 4 without looking back. As soon as Liang Hua left, the classroom of Class 4 erupted with cheers. Liang Hua stopped in her tracks and became even angrier. No matter what, she would not teach Class 4 anymore. Who would be willing to take part in the muddy waters of Class 4? It had only been her who was willing Teaching a poor class would affect performance. The results of Class 4 were the worst in the entire school. No teacher would be willing to take over. Liang Hua left the classroom and did not return to the office. Instead, she rushed straight to the Academic Affairs Office. There was only one director of the Academic Affairs Office today. When he saw Liang Hua, he looked around to make sure that there was no one around before he closed the door. He walked over, grabbed Liang Hua’s shoulder, and said with a smile, “Baby, your face is so ugly. Did someone offend you?” ‘It's all because of those people from Class 4!" Liang Hua’s expression did not ease up. “What happened?” At the mention of Class 4, Cui Qingsheng could not help but frown. The people from Class 4 had caused a lot of trouble, but their family backgrounds were good, and they were well known in H City. He really looked down on the people from Class 4. It was only because of the school's respect for their parents that they were not dealt with Liang Hua added fuel to the fire with what had happened today

He agreed to Liang Hua's request. “You must remember to come over. " Cui Qingsheng put his arm around Liang Hua’s waist

. When Liang Hua walked out of the Dean's office, her face was very red. There was even a hint of love. Her face was obviously happy. Without her, the other teachers would not go to teach Class 4. Even if they went under pressure, they would not pay much attention to Class 4. In this way, Class 4’s English would only be worse. When she returned to the office, she casually placed the English textbook on the table. She crossed her arms and looked at Teacher Lin, who was preparing the lesson, with a cold smile. ‘Lin Ke, the students in your class are really good. They don't want to go to class and would rather stand outside. ” Teacher Lin didn’t even raise her head. There was a huge commotion in the classroom, and there were a few students standing outside. Teacher Lin naturally noticed and roughly understood the situation After Teacher Lin reprimanded the students, she didn't say anything else. To be honest, Liang Hua’s teaching standards were poor, and she liked to slander Class 4. Teacher Lin also hated Liang Hua. Even if their grades weren’t good, it wasn't a reason to insult them. This time, she supported them in her heart