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Alpha Killian by Jane Doe

Alpha’s Regret-My Luna Has A Son Chapter 18

Valen POV 4 years Later I stared at my father as he gave me one of his many lectures. It irritated me that he thought he could still dictate my life. My secretary comes in, placing a steaming cup of coffee on my desk as he droned on before handing him one. He sips it before leaning forward and putting it on my desk, the sight instantly irritating me. Two f*cking inches away, he knows how much I hate it. I grab his mug and place it on the coaster before sitting back. “You need to sort your life out Valen, you are getting too old to be messing around constantly with these whores you play with and getting blind drunk every night. If I had known you would be this irresponsible, I never would have handed the pack over to you,“ “My personal life is none of your business; I am a good Alpha,“ “You are a f*cking drunk, “ He bellows at me, and I smack the table with my fist. His anger instantly died down. Please Join Telegram Group For Fast Update “I am just saying you are twenty-nine -years -old, just find some bitch and mark her so she can spit out an heir for the Pack,“ “Not happening; the only person I have kids with is my mate, “ I tell him. “29 years, and you still haven’t found her. Give up on the idea and just choose a woman. At this rate, you will be my age by the time you have your first child Valen, this isn’t about you. It is about your pack, “ He says. My father growls at me, I lean back in my chair, grabbing the document off my desk to look at it when Marcus walks in. Relief floods me at seeing him. He bows his head to my father. “Alpha Kalen, “ He says to his former Alpha. “Your dismissed father, “ I tell him, wanting him gone. He was making my headache worse. “You can’t just dis- “ “I already did, “ I tell him, cutting him off. He rises from his chair before grabbing his mug and sculling it.

I could still see the bottoms of her *ss cheeks if she turned around. “Valen, honey, “ “Busy, and don’t call me that, “ I tell her, walking past her. She grabs my hand, and I shake her off, walking out for the valet to notice me. He rushes off to get my car while I am stuck standing next to Ashley. “Want to go out later, “ She says, pawing at my shirt

. I shove her hands off, and she pouts. “What part of, I am busy, don’t you understand?“ I ask her, she says nothing for a few moments, and her face reddens. “You know you don’t have to be such a prick, Valen, “ “Alpha Valen, we are not familiar; just because I stuck my dick in you, don’t think it means anything more than that, now get off me, “ I tell her, putting distance between us. She starts crying. I roll my eyes; this couldn’t be happening. Seeing people staring, I tell her to shut up, making her cry more. The valet brings my car over, and I growl, stomping and opening the passenger side. ”Get in, and I will drive you home when I am done, ” I tell her through clenched teeth, knowing she caught a cab. She wouldn’t shut up the entire time I was driving. Following the Navman, I look for this stupid Hotel. ” What are you looking for?” Ashley asks, and I ignore her when I spot it. How had I never noticed it before? The place was huge, and it looked like every part of a five-star hotel. This couldn’t be owned by a rogue. The lawns and hedges were well maintained, the exterior had a very coastal tropical feel. Giant palm trees and hanging plants, well-trained vines rain along the guard rails. A colossal water fountain sat in the center of the car park. Getting out, I look at Ashley quickly. ”Stay here, I will be back in a minute, ” I tell her. Ashley nods to me and pulls her phone out. I slain my door a little too hard. Walking around, I looked at the place. The restaurant was packed, every seat is taken, waiters were inside serving guests. The food smelt divine, and I growled in annoyance before opening the restaurant door. I could hear people in the back of the kitchen singing happy birthday, and those eating at the tables had all stopped to sing along when a woman brought a cake out placing it on a table, all the staff singing behind her as they followed. Her scent instantly hit my nostrils as they sang happy birthday to a girl that looked younger than her. My entire body locked up in shock and all I could do was stare at the woman who had her arms wrapped around the girl whose birthday it was. Mate, my skin was buzzing, my heart beat faster, and I wanted to claim her, not even caring for the people around. My entire body calls me toward the petite woman. Her uniform indicated she was some kind of manager here, and her hair was pulled in a bun on her head, showing off her neck where I wanted to sink my teeth. Everyone cheered as the younger girl blew out the candles when the singing was done. “Oh, we need napkins,“ I hear my mate’s melodious voice. I was entranced by her; my mouth watered as I watched her walk away and back into the kitchen. She was a little skinny, but I would fix that, she also looked tired, but she was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. Walking over to an older woman, I tap her on the shoulder. She glances at me briefly before looking back down. “Can I help you, Alpha?“ She asks, picking up my aura. “Yes, that woman that walked out the back to get napkins, “ “Everly, Sir. How can I help you, “ She says, standing up to look at me from cutting the cake. Her eyes dart to mine, and she steps back, bumping into the table and the younger girl, who then looks at me. Her eyes go wide, and she clutches the woman’s arm. The fear on both their faces was evident. I knew I was feared, but I did nothing, only asked a simple question. They acted like I was about to go on some killing spree. My reputation was terrible , but I wasn’t expecting such fear from two women I had never met before. ”Zoe, go check on Everly, ” the woman says. Everly, why did her name sound so familiar to me? Please Join Telegram Group For Fast Update .