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Billionaire's One Night Stand

Chapter 75

"The Crown Prince wants to see you. Go with us. " The two men said fiercely. The maid paused and turned around. "Why do you want me? I'm not Chloe Bishop!" It was obvious that they were going to get the Young Madam into trouble! The two people in front of the maid looked at her and were stunned. Only then did they realize that although the person in front of them was wearing Chloe's clothes, it was not her. "That's impossible. We saw Chloe Bishop driving out in similar clothes through the camera. ” The two men rushed to the BMW 7 behind the maid. Looking through the tea colored translucent window, they found that there was really no one inside. The two of them realized that they had lost Chloe. They immediately called Zayn and said, "Crown Prince. I'm sorry, we lost Chloe Bishop. " "What do you mean you lost Choe?" In the phone, the voice of Zayn suddenly changed. "Where's Chloe Bishop?" "We saw Chloe's car in the Emperor's Mall, but she is not here.

Will the Young Madam get into any trouble?” "They must be sent from Zayn. But since the Young Madam doesn't meet them, it will be fine. " Bucky asked the maid again, "But why did you meet the Young Madam in the Emperor's Shopping Mall? She left the Ninth Dragon Villa an hour ago and said that she was going out

. " The maid didn't dare to hide it, because she knew that Aman and Bucky had strict requirements on the servants. She told Bucky about Chloe's visit to the castle of the Emperor. The maid lowered her head. "I've told the Young Madam about it. but she still wants to go there. I can't persuade her. " The maid didn't expect that Bucky didn't blame her after hearing what she said. "If it's the case, then. " Bucky paused and said with a smile, "Then let the Young Madam go there. She needs to get along with the Young Master. It is not a bad thing if the Young Madam goes there. " The castle of the Emperor was located in the southwest of the province. It was in a 4A level forest. The air was clear and the scenery was picturesque. Needless to say, this forest must have also been bought by the owner of the castle and become his private manor. Chloe came to the front of the electronic door and looked at the huge castle. She was at a loss . Oh no, I forgot what Aman's profession was. " Aman was the president of science and technology. The Emperor's holographic intelligent D. S system was very abnormal as it did not require guards. It scanned people's faces and eyes to identify their identities. When a person came in and stood in the scanning area, the system would automatically transmitted the identity information of this person to the security computer in the castle. The computer would then recognize whether the person had signed up and automatically open the door. It was said to be the most modern and terrible electronic security system! At first, Chloe wanted to sneak in with a mask, but now she stood in front of the electronic door. She realized that it would definitely be discovered that she was not the maid. "Oh no, it seems. " Beads of sweat began to form on her forehead. "It seems that it's not easy. " At this moment, the gate of the castle in front opened. John came out in a suit. Chloe lowered her head immediately. John saw a maid standing in front of the shopping car. He came over and looked at her. "Are you the servant sent by President Aman from the Ninth Dragon Villa? Why are you standing here? Why don't you go in?" Chloe slightly moved her face to the other side and said in a low voice, ". My eyes are infected recently, so my eyeballs can't tell my identity. I also fell down and hurt my face. All of my facial features has changed a little. I can't get in. ” Ah, she felt great when she remembered that she sound hoarse after eating too much junk food! God really helped her! These people certainly couldn't recognize her voice! John looked at Chloe, who was wearing a mask. She dropped her face to her chest, dodging from left to right. "Come with me. " John said and went to the door. The D. intelligence system scanned John's face and opened the door. He said, "Go in. ” Chloe felt relieved. "Thank you, thank you!" She immediately returned to the shopping car and drove in. Behind her, John looked at her figure. His eyes squinted under the gold-rimmed glasses. Why did this figure look so much like. John called Aman, who was in the castle, and asked, "President Aman, is the Young Madam still in the Ninth Dragon Villa?" After Chloe came in, she stared at the magnificent castle in front of her. Her eyes widened "F*ck, it turns out that Aman. is so rich!" It was even more exaggerated than she had imagined! Although Aman was relatively low-key outside, it could be told from his property that he was rich. People outside even couldn't imagine how rich he was. Looking at the castle built in the last century and the vast garden in European style in front of her, Chloe couldn't believe that she really had been married to the owner of this castle. "You! What are you doing?” The supervisor saw Chloe standing there in a daze. "Are you the maid from the Ninth Dragon Villa? Now the Young Master is holding a swimming party. He is short of manpower. Hand over what you have bought and Hurry up to go there. " "Oh. Oh, am coming. " Chloe came to her senses and walked over with a large bag of women's supplies. Inside the castle, in the servant area. More than 30 maids stood in three rows. Each of them wore a black jacket with a white pleated apron and a white headband on her head. It was of very modern style. A man in his thirties was lecturing in front of them in a suit. "You all listen to me clearly. Today, the Young Master is holding a swimming party at the swimming pool. The Young Master of the Ragib Family is also here. Other women are rich and powerful ladies or high-ranking officials. Even the popular actresses who are in the entertainment industry are none of whom you can offend. All of you be smart and serve them well. If anyone embarrasses the Young Master, she will immediately be fired without compensation. And the servants fired will not be employed in the industry for half a year. Are you clear?" Chloe was among this group of maids. She heard the maids beside her responded in unison, "Yes. " "Well, you!" The supervisor noticed Chloe again. "Why are you wearing a mask? What are you doing here? Take it off!" Chloe touched the mask on her face and raised her hand. "Director. I haven't recovered from my fall. I'm ugly. I'm afraid that it will scare the Young Master and those ladies. If you think it's okay, I won't wear it. ” She was about to take it off When the supervisor heard this, he quickly frowned and waved his hand. "Forget it. Keep it on. Don't hurt the eyes of the distinguished guests. Why Bucky send such an ugly maid here?" "The other one also fell down. " Chloe raised her hand again. "All right, stop talking, did I ask you any question?" The supervisor said that he didn't want to listen. He feared that she was indeed ugly with a crooked mouth and a crooked nose if she took off her mask. At the time, there was indeed a shortage of people to use. Finally, the supervisor said to everyone, "Okay, ten of you go to prepare the guest rooms, and more than twenty people go to the swimming pool. " It was obvious that those noble ladies were not easy to serve, so the maids rushed to prepare the guest rooms. In the end, Chloe could only bring wine to the swimming pool with others. In the backyard of the castle, there was a luxury scene of the upper class. The water in the clear pool was rippling. The tiles on the bank of the pool were white and shiny. Under the sun umbrella, handsome men and beautiful women were lying comfortably. There were beauties wearing sexy bikinis everywhere in the pool and on the bank. Several women in the pool were playing water volleyball, and the beauties on the pool bank were wearing sunglasses. They were all well dressed, and their lips red and tempting, emitting a silver bell-like laughter. Beauties, bikinis, wine, and the swimming pool formed a magnificent scene. Aman was lying in the deck chair under a sun umbrella. Through the sunglasses, he looked at his mobile phone for a long time. Half an hour ago after John just left, he received a strange call from John asking if Chloe was in the Ninth Dragon Villa. Thinking of this question, Aman frowned even more deeply. He remembered that Chloe refused to come with him yesterday no matter what. "Where is Chloe ?" After looking at his mobile phone for a while, he still called the Ninth Dragon Villa. his. " Bucky, who was on the other side of the phone, hesitated whether to tell him or not. "The Young Madam said. she went out. " "What?" Aman frowned slightly. "Where did that woman go again?" "Well. " Aman didn't understand why did the housekeeper become so slow when he spoke. Aman’'s voice was cold. "Didn't I ask people to repair the road there? How did she get out?” "Young Master, the Young Madam said that she had something important to do, so she went out from the main road. " Aman frowned slightly. "Is there anything more important than apologizing to me now? How dare she drive on the main road of the Shallow Bay? I think she won't know what will happen until she is caught by the people of Zayn. " However, Chloe refused to go with him. She was afraid that he would eat her alive. Although he had already been eating her. "Young Master, the Young Madam didn't deliberately make you angry. ” Bucky said, "If the Young Madam comes to you sincerely, don't argue with her. " "Sincerely?" Aman said, "You are wrong. She doesn't know how to spell the word sincerely. " Aman hanged up the phone and picked up the glass next to him. He took a sip and thought "Would Chloe come to find him?" It was impossible! "Why are you so angry?" Beside him, Ragib sunglasses was reflecting a world of beautiful women. He shook the red wine glass and said, "President Aman, look at your cold face. Who dares to get close to you? You are like an iceberg!" .