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Billionaire's Surrogate In Love

Took up the challenge

(Vivienne) I failed to understand why I had to do something I didn’t want to do. I didn't approve of going out for was Lin a better position to leave the house and go somewhere, especially with the grumpy man But now I was all dolled up, looking like some rich girl wearing a simple short black dress which had a lace around the belly area showing part of my toned belly, the upper was like a crop shirt with some knitted diamonds decorations of the sort around the neck. I felt comfortable because It was a floral dress that reached mid-thigh high with some flat shoes which I understood. After all, a pregnant lady wasn't expected to wear heels. [ had to wear my hair down which was not my style but according to Julia and the rest of the ladies who attended to me, the dinner date was important to Victor because it was held at a well-known hotel ‘Welcome sir. please this way"we got out of the car immediately it reached the hotel. I was stunned at such a lovely place from the main entrance. I couldn't stop peeking out to take in the glorious surroundings which I only saw on TV. I knew such wonderful places existed but only reach people liked such fancy place Since we left home I was a lot anxious especially when I didn't know if I was well dressed for such an expected occasion. Victor was wearing his usual. Black businessman. His hair was tied in a bun and Ihad to say he was looking handsome. When I was done getting ready, I was ushered outside the car parked by the mansion entrance. I nearly collapsed when I found Victor already sitting in the car. He didn't even spare me a glance which I appreciated not like I wanted to go with him We finally entered the hotel and we were directed to the restaurant area.

There was no need to make any introductions because I was already feeling awkward being in such a place. I wasn't meant for such things hence I tried, by all means, to stay quiet but when Victor shifted his eyes to me. My hands turned cold "Mr

. Ellison. who's the pretty lady. didn't know you had a new girlfriend. must say you have good taste” it was the lady who said with a smile looking at me and I felt even more nervous. Victor nodded at him as he pulled out a chair like a gentleman and gestured for me to sit down hank you" I muttered and sat down elegantly. Victor took a seat next to me and the people had their eyes on me. I felt shy under their gazes that I nearly knocked over the already served glasses of water by Victor managed to stabilize the glass and looked at me with a blank expression "My apologies for not showing up earlier, "Victor said as the waiter came to us and I was handed a menu. I took it as I listened to the men talk about whatever caused them not to show up. Victor apologized to them but by the way, his voice sounded like he wasn't so sorry. I knew how grumpy he was and his apology was just for a show deep down he was so grumpy and boss and cocky that. "What do you do dear. tell us" while lost in thoughts looking at the menu and cursing Victor in my head I was snapped back to my senses by the lady's voice and when I looked up I was lost when I found the three people looking at me with confused expressions. I had no idea what exactly she asked and saw Victor sipping on his water with his eyes on me. I knew I was done for ‘Well, I'm. " "She's my new secretary. Ms. Vivienne Payton. she’s more into business-related matters than hospital matters" was about to answer the first thing which came to my mind but I was cut off by Victor who said something else and I was stunned how he made up a plain white lie. I wasn't his secretary. Yes I was interested in business matters that that the truth but being a secretary was a total lie "Aww that's very nice dear. she’s so pretty Victor. wish I could have her as my secretary” the other man with brownish hair said. I knew he was Carlos since Victor called him that. He smiled and I and I smiled back because I had nothing to say "Yes you are right Carlos. she's so refined and she looks good with Victor" "Enough you two see how you are making her blush. ’ sure Victor has a good eye to make such a beautiful girl his secretary”. It was the lady who interrupted the two men who couldn't stop praising me. I was bound to feel shy so I lowered my gaze a little, feeling my face getting hot. Not just me but when I secretly glad her to look at Victor he was gulping down one glass of water after the other and I knew he was bothered "What will you eat dear. let's order our dinner as we talk to Victor about work,” the lady said and gestured at the menu in my hands and I nodded with a smile and checked what was there I didn't know most of the delicacies on the menu. Everything sounded so classy that I just pointed at the first thing which sounded familiar. I wasn’t even hungry for that matter but it would be impolite to say it out loud "Grilled steak and shrimp please’l muttered to the waiter taking our orders and the lady smiled warmly at me. I had to say she was beautiful, especially her smile which made me relax. The men chose what they wanted and Victor was the only one left "Sir. what will you have?" the waiter turned to Victor ad asked when he wasn't even looking at his menu ive me what she's having," surprisingly Victor said as he picked up the menu, looked at it for a second, and gave his order. I looked at him wondering why he chose what I did but it was nothing hence I averted my eyes away from him While we waited for our food, the four people started talking about hospital things I didn't understand hence I focused on something else. Like admiring the restaurant and the serene pleasant atmosphere, the soft music playing in the background and the mouthwatering smell of great cuisines, and the natural scent of the restaurant I was so bored even when the food was served to our table. I didn't feel okay with the wine smell. I waited for a while as I scanned the fine-looking grilled steak and the shrimp I always loved. "Eat up dear. this looks delicious’ ‘Gwen coaxed as she poured me a glass of wine. I glanced at Victor as the waiter poured him champagne, which I knew was liquor or whatever alcoholic beverage it was. My eyes narrowed recalling the deal I made earlier It didn’t matter the occasion, my deal was simple. He didn't have to take anything containing alcohol and looking at the many bottles of champagne, I frowned "Victor. don't you like the wine we ordered. I could get another one if you like"Wilson said as he looked at Victor who didn't raise his glass since they had to click glasses es Victor. there are a lot of good wines here. waiter. please get the best wine you have"Carlos added and turned to the waiter who seemed confused too but Victor shook his head. "Get me some juice instead. pineapple preferably, "Victor remarked, shoving the glass of champagne away and my eyes widened in surprise as he glanced at me for a while then turned to his food. The three people nodded with smiles as they resumed eating and talking while I was left speechless. He took up my deal. He wasn't going to have anything containing alcohol and thinking up to that I squealed in my heart and turned to my food The steak looked juicy and golden brown that my mouth watered at such a sight. I took a sip of my juice as I dug in. Even when I cut and took the piece in my mouth it was soft so tender with flavored spices which changed the entire meat perspective If I was enjoying my meal then I was sure Victor was too although he did well not to show it. The rest we're praising the restaurant and said so many things about being the best they knew and I couldn't agree more seeing how their cuisines were delectable and the atmosphere was inviting. The lighting was perfect that I relaxed but soon something else happened "Oh God'I muttered as I set the fork and knife down feeling so strange alll of a sudden. I didn't know what happened but I felt nauseous. J didn't eat much but I just tasted the shrink and my throat couldn't take it. Everything was about to explode are you okay?"I heard Gwen ask but I nodded as I muffled my mouth with one hand. I didn't want to ruin dinner for Victor but I was about to throw up. Everything tasted so yucky and the smell wasn't as inviting as before "What's wrong?"Victor sounded concerned as he leaned closer to me and asked as he felt my forehead with the back of his hand and I nodded ‘m. 'm. restroom’! tried to act okay but my throat wasn't letting me know that immediately I jumped out of my seat and stormed away from there. I didn’t know where the restroom was but I had to gag so fast.