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Broken Mate by Norisha May

Broken Mate by Norisha May Chapter 6

Chapter Six -Rain POV (What is wrong with him? We’ve barely talked to each other and then he grabs me by the arm and acts as he cares? What kind of game is he playing?) I look at my hand. Celeste went ballistic and threw the hot oil pan. It hit my hand and then she slapped Layla. All because we couldn’t find the lard that by the way, she put away herself. We don’t have to be back until we have to make dinner again so I go take a walk on the lakeshore. I reach the boulder I like to sit on and stare at the lake humming the song my dad would sing to me when I was little. We used to be a happy family once, before all the tragedies. My mother seemed happy. I don’t know how it all changed. -Flashback Mommy, why was the beta in your and daddy’s room?” I ask her while I play with my dolls. “Rain you listen to me, you do not say that again, you hear me?!” My mother shouts at me. “Not to daddy, not to anyone!” I nod……but I had already told daddy. -End of flashback I used to blame myself, I thought that this was all my fault. But as I grew, 1 learned that that wasn’t the case. This fate that was dealt to me was concocted by others, others that were selfish and didn’t care who would get hurt in the process.

” Preston says to me. (What? What the hell is going on?) “She’ll be out late, so don’t wait for her. ” He says to Celeste and then he looks at Layla who is watching us and smiles at her

. “You’re coming with us too. ” Layla’s face lights up until she sees Celeste’s murderous expression. “And who is going to prepare dinner? Levi is helping the pack delta and those two were the only ones left that work in the kitchen. ” She says pointing at us. Preston looks back at her. “You can do it… if you have a problem then take it up with the Alpha. ” She squints her eyes at him. “You’re soon to be Alpha that is. ” He says now smirking. Celeste’s eyes widen and her expression changes to that of fear. We‘ve all heard many stories about Kayden. They say he is ruthless and that he is not tolerant of people questioning his orders. “It’s fine… I can handle it. ” She says softly and looks away.  He smiles. “Good, let’s go girls. ” He walks out and I look at Layla confused. She shrugs her shoulders but smiles and follows both of them. I cautiously follow them as well. “So that was the howler monkey?” The blond girl asks. “Yep, she was quieter now but wait until you see her in her natural habitat. ” Preston says. Layla starts to giggle and he looks back at us smiling. “This is my sister Avery. ” them with caution. (Where are they taking us?) They keep walking and head outside of the packhouse and lead us to where Grant is waiting, leaning on a black SUV. “You ready?” Preston asks Grant. “Yep, just waiting for you guys. ” Grant says and opens the back car door for us. I look at Layla a little panicked and she’s also looking panicked. (Where are they taking us? I want to ask but I might get smacked for it. ) He waits for us to get in, I hold Layla’s hand and get in first and she follows. Avery sits next to her and then Preston squeezes next to Avery closing the door next to him. Grant sits in the driver seat and I wonder why the hell we are cramped back here when the passenger seat in front of me is vacant. My question is soon answered when Kayden rushes out of the house in our direction. (Oh no. Why?)  He looks at me when he gets close and gives a small smile and then gets in the seat in front of me. “Go go before they notice I’m missing. ” Kayden says. Grant laughs and starts the car. Kayden’s scent quickly engulfs me and I really want to get close to him and smell him. He adjusts the mirror on his side and looks at me through it but I look away. (What is he doing? What are we doing?) “Where are we going?” Layla whispers in my ear. “Into town, we left here when we were small so we don’t remember anything and we are taking you as our guides. ” Avery says.   (Well, there goes that. ) “But we-” Layla starts to talk but stops. I know she’s afraid to say anything that will anger them, especially with the Alpha here. “What is it little one?” Grant asks looking through the rear-view mirror while he Layla looks away and I know she’s not going to talk so I take a deep breath. “We aren’t allowed to leave the pack territory so we don’t know our way around. ” I say lowly looking down. “Oh, I didn’t know that… ” Preston says surprised. “Well, the only place I remember how to get to is the mall. ” Grant says. “The mall it is. ” Avery says and Layla gasps. Avery jumps and looks at her. “What, what’s wrong?” Layla puts her hand together and looks down. “Sorry. we‘ve never been to the mall…. sounds… exciting. ” She says in a small voice. Avery and Preston start laughing. “She is adorable. ” Preston says. (Yea and I hope she stays like that cause once she starts looking like a woman, men will make her lose that innocence. ) Kayden has been quiet this whole time, I look to the mirror and he has been watching me. I shift a little trying to get out of his view but there is nowhere to move back here, all I can do is look away. “How’s your hand?” Kayden asks. I look down and lift my arm up showing him my bandaged hand. “Did you go to the pack doctor?” He asks. I nod. “Oh! What happened?” Avery asks. (What do I say to that? Is not like they’ll believe me and even if they do, they won’t care. ) I don’t want to answer, I look away.  “Oil. ” That’s all I say. “Ouch!” Grant says. As Grant drives, Layla and I are looking out of the window at everything we see. (So many tall buildings. ) “Are we at the city?” Layla asks me. Chapter Six “Yep, and that right there is the mall. ” Grant says pointing at a huge building on the side. Layla looks at me excited but I just feel nervous. (I’m happy for her but I really hope this doesn’t turn bad. ) Grant parks and Kayden gets out of the car and opens the door for me. I quickly get out without looking at him and let Layla out. We all start walking, with both me and Layla walking behind them. I cross my arms hugging myself feeling my anxiety rise and feeling out of place. I feel short of breath. Like I can’t get enough oxygen in my lungs. (Please not now, I can’t have a panic attack now. ) I start breathing hard but Layla holds my hand which calms me down and I can feel Kayden staring. We continue walking and get inside. It is huge, Layla looks up at the high ceiling with her mouth open. I look around us and humans are staring at us, well me and Layla. It’s probably because of our clothes, they have holes and they are a bit dirty. I have a grey t-shirt with holes near the hem with dirty jeans and dirty sneakers and my hair up in a very messy bun. Layla has a dress that has little holes here and there and she has dirty sneakers on as well. We probably look like vagabonds. I ignore them and follow the others who start walking. “So many humans. ” Layla whispers to me excitedly. (This is strange to us, we never see humans, I don’t think me and Layla have ever met one and they smell weird. ) Kayden is in front of me and I can’t help it, I look at him even though I try not to. I know it’s my werewolf instinct. He looks back at me and my heart drops when our eyes meet. (I hate this, why do I feel like this? I don’t want any man, I don’t want a mate, yet I like this feeling that he gives me. ) He gives me a small smile and I feel like I’m going to melt. Chapter Seven -Rain POV  I look away from Kayden before my face turns red. I continue looking around as we walk. Everything is new to me, and most stores look very fancy. We pass by a store that has a huge poster of a girl modeling clothes and she has a huge smile on her face. I stand there looking at her and I can’t help wonder how can anyone ever be that happy.   “Oh, my goddess! Look Rain. ” Layla says excitedly pointing at a huge fountain in the middle of the mall. Avery holds her hand out to Layla and smiles. “Let’s go check it out. ” Layla looks at her hand and takes a few steps towards her cautiously, she takes her hand and they walk over to the fountain. I feel people looking at us, when I look around its mostly human girls and they are staring at the guys. (Oh yea, I’ve heard that werewolves tend to be better looking than normal humans. ) I look around again and the rumors are true, none of the human guys here look anywhere near as good-looking as Kayden, Grant, and Preston. Even human girls don’t hold a candle to Avery.   “So, what do you do for fun in the packhouse, since you don’t go out?” Preston asks me taking me out of my thoughts. (I don’t know how to answer that question. I don’t do anything fun…ever. ) “I go for walks in the lake and runs in the woods. ” I say. “Oh… that’s it?” He asks and I nod. Layla comes back with Avery smiling. “You having fun, kid?” Grant asks Layla and she nods smiling as she has never before. “I wish the same was for miss Rain. Do you ever smile?” Grant asks in a joking way but I’m distracted looking at people. “Why would I? What is there for me to be happy about. ” I say without really thinking. I realize what I said and I look at them. They are all staring at me surprised but they don’t say anything. “Food, let’s get some food. ” Avery says breaking the awkwardness and we all nod. (I need to keep my mouth shut. ) We walk to what looks like a huge dining room with lots of tables and what I’m guessing are different food restaurants. “You guys go sit while Preston and I go get the food. ” Grant says as he and Preston walk away.  “Rain, I need to use the bathroom. ” Layla whispers into my ear. “This way. ” Kayden says before I can say anything and starts to lead us. We follow him to a corridor and we see the girl’s bathroom but it’s one of those that only one person can go to at a time. Layla heads in while I and Kayden wait outside but the moment she locks the door, Kayden takes me by the arm and pulls me to a corner that is away from everyone. He holds me by the arm with one hand and has the other hand on the wall, blocking my way. I panic and cover my head with my burned hand, waiting for the hit but it never comes. I dare look up at him still covering part of my face and he has a shocked expression. He stares at me and I notice now that I have tears streaming down my face.