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Broken Mate by Norisha May

Broken Mate by Norisha May Chapter 9

Chapter 9 “Of course, you believe what everyone tells you. ” She mumbles lowly but I hear her clearly.  “What?” I ask and she turns around and has pure anger on her face but quickly looks down.  “Nothing. ” She says. “No, you clearly have something to say, say it.  What? You don‘t like me telling you what to do? You have a problem with authority? Is that it?” I ask getting irritated.  “Tell me, because I don‘t understand how you get in so much trouble. ” Her face turns red and a tear comes out while she looks at me.  “Of course…you‘re just as clueless as you’re mother. ” She whispers. “What the hell are you talking about?” I ask getting up feeling angry.   And that‘s when she loses it and starts shouting.  “You accidentally spill milk and get slapped in the face for it, that‘s what I‘m talking about! A kid arrives a few minutes late to his task and gets whipped, that‘s what I‘m talking about! A girl screams rape and they tell her to shut up and stop being a slut……that‘s the kind of stuff I‘m talking about! But if you‘re going to live here and be blind to what happens around you, then don‘t speak to me unless you have an order! Punish me if you want because I don’t care anymore. ” She says and quickly runs out.

(She‘s lived here since she was six… no one really ever gave her a real room? What the fuck. ) Her closet door is broken and I can see the dress that I left her.  (Doesn‘t look like she ever wore it…maybe she didn‘t like it

. ) I take a step back and look at the room. (The room is lacking in……. something…I can‘t quite put my finger on it. ) I keep thinking because it‘s on the tip of my tongue. “Life!” (This place looks completely drained of life. ) There is nothing other than the basics.  A bed, a mirror, a table on the corner with a lamp and one old rug.  There‘s not even one picture frame or anything with color. “Her mother killed herself and her father died protecting her from rogues.  And there‘s not one picture (I remember that, I was eleven when she was brought to the packhouse. She was crying hysterically but then again who wouldn’t…. seeing your father being killed by rogues in front of you would make anyone like that, especially at such a young age. ) I‘m starting to see things a bit differently now.  I look out the window.  (The lake, that’s where she’s probably at right now. ) I quickly head out and head to the lake. I see her at the distance sitting on that bolder she always sits on while her two friends play in the water. I get closer but hide behind the trees. “I know it, Levi, you are my mate, right Rain?” The younger girl asks. Rain doesn’t respond. She looks distracted staring at the distance. “I don‘t know Layla. You’d be out of my league if you were. ” The guy Levi says and the younger girl giggles. The girl Layla looks at May.  “I‘m telling you Rain, you‘ll find your mate one day and he will take you away from this pack. ” “Yea, that‘s never gonna happen. ” Rain says in a monotone tone, staring at the lake.  “Leave Rain alone Layla, big sis needs her rest. ” Levi says. Layla mumbles annoyed and they start splashing at each other laughing and having fun… except for Rain. (Now thinking back… I have never seen her smile, not once. ) T head back not wanting to get caught and see Grant and Preston getting out from their car.  “Hey, taking a break from the whole Alpha thing?” Preston asks. “Yea for now. Hey, do you guys know anything or seen anything not right?” I ask.  “That‘s vague, like what?” Grant asks.  “Like…if someone would be scared of someone else for some reason type of thing. ” I say.  “Other than the howler monkey I really haven‘t paid much attention. ” Preston says.  I look at him confused.  “What the hell is a howler monkey?” “One of the loudest animals in the world, that‘s what. ” Preston says smiling. Grant sighs.  “The main cook, that old lady in the kitchen. She’s always yelling and I swear I heard her throwing some nasty words towards the helpers. ” “I‘m killing that b***h if she‘s the one that‘s been hurting her.