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CEO's Romantic Affair

Chapter 6: Are you Crazy?

Chapter 6: Are you Crazy? At seven o'clock in the morning, Jeremy called Keith to go to the company at once. Keith had just returned from a business trip in Germany. A recent report needed to be reviewed by Keith before the shareholders’ meeting. This was something that Jeremy could not help him with, so Keith had to attend. After forcing himself to finish listening to the report calmly, Keith asked Jeremy to take over as he presided over the meeting. Jeremy was shocked. Jeremy was very tired from the previous night and thought that he would be more relaxed with Keith coming in. "I can't believe this! He is putting his whole workload on me. This is unbelievable. ” Jeremy thought to himself. "Gosh! Are you crazy?!" he said. He did not know what was going on. For a split second, he actually thought Keith had lost his mind. He did not know whether he was crazy or not. Keith never even acknowledged what Jeremy had said.

He opened the door and invited Keith to enter the bar without saying anything else After leading him down the corridor, the owner of the bar and the waiters did not continue to move ahead. Keith walked towards the door in a hurry and opened the door with the room card. Pushing the door open as quickly as he could, he entered the room

. The light in his dark brown eyes was gone when he saw the empty room. His smile faded away in an instant. Keith looked around to make sure there was no one in the room, and then he started to leave. He grabbed the handle with his fingers and closed the door. "She had already gone," he thought to himself. He was so disappointed. Because of the night that she had, Cathryn’s legs were trembling fiercely when she walked. It felt as though she was about to fall down. She did not want to be recognized by others, so she went home first to put on her hat and a scarf to cover her face. The only thing showing was a pair of bright, shining eyes. Cathryn was starving, so she stopped at the vending machine to buy a sandwich. After all, she hadn't eaten anything since yesterday. She ate the sandwich quickly and then returned to the vending machine to get some medicine for the pain. Immediately she put it into her pocket and ran away without taking the time to get her change from the machine. As soon as Cathryn got back home, she poured a glass of water and opened the box to swallow the medicine. Grace went straight to Cathryn’s house. As soon as Cathryn saw Grace, all the grievances came to her. She immediately buried herself into Grace's arms and began to weep. She was in so much agony, and she had to let out all of her pain and suffering. She had a hard time trying to explain everything to Grace. Grace was very understanding and told her to take her time and let it all out. "You and Jordan have been married in secret for a year, and now he had an extramarital affair? How could he ask you to leave home without giving you any property?" Grace was very angry when she heard what Cathryn had told her. "Is it true that your primary source of income came from him? Did he promise to give you anything after the divorce was finalized?" asked Grace. ‘When we got married, I was unable to make ends meet. If it hadn't been for Jordan's support, I probably would have gone back home to become a teacher. This is what my mother had always wanted for me," said Cathryn. "No!" Grace looked Cathryn straight in the eye. She began to roll up her sleeves, turned on the computer, and angrily said, "I have to post this in the forum to expose that bastard!" "It's no use to do so. " Cathryn drank a sip of milk and continued to say to Grace with tears. "He and the media all work together, and both the forum and Facebook have a lot of his fans. Even if you do so, his company can also handle it quickly without impacting him. Besides, he said that if I revealed our hidden marriage to the media, he would retaliate against my parents. " "How can you let him bully you like this?" Grace didn't understand the hidden rules of the entertainment circle. All she knew was that it was unfair for her best friend to put up with this foolishness. Cathryn felt as though she were doomed to endure all the grievances in silence and give in to fate. "Jordan said this is what I owe him and that I deserve it," said Cathryn, after hesitating for a moment. Cathryn and Jordan had known each other for two years. They met when she went to an audition the year of her graduation. Unfortunately, the role of the audition was given to the daughter of a sponsor's friend, and it was then that Cathryn became acquainted with Jordan. The first time they met, Jordan took the initiative to ask Cathryn for her contact information. In no time, everything seemed to come to them very naturally. Cathryn had liked Jordan for at least five years before she had even met him.