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CEO's Romantic Affair

Chapter 28: I Won’t Get Hurt

Chapter 28: 1 Won’t Get Hurt Cathryn turned around and looked at Keith with her big eyes. After seeing Keith's smile, Cathryn’'s clear big eyes instantly became bright, and then she also smiled at Keith. Removing his hand, Keith stopped smiling and said to Cathryn seriously, "Whatever you do in the future, please be sure to pay attention to your safety and do not get hurt. ” "I won't get hurt. ” Seeing that Keith was no longer angry, Cathryn was also relieved. She opened her arms and said, "I didn't get injured this time, did I?" However, hearing Cathryn's words, Keith lowered his head and stared at Cathryn's knees, which were covered with dust and were even excoriated because of the fall to the ground. Following Keith's line of sight, Cathryn looked down at her own knees. She hadn't felt pain, but now after taking a look, she felt a sharp pain in her knees. Then Cathryn hastily looked out of the window and stretched out her legs, stopping Keith from looking at her knees, and said, “It doesn't hurt at all. ” Obviously, Keith didn't believe it. In fact, Keith saw the bruises on her knees as soon as he arrived at the police station, so after they left the police station, he drove straight to the hospital instead of going home. After arriving at the hospital, Cathryn was asked to pull up her pants, and there was a large area of abrasions on her knees, surrounded by bruises. Cathryn had no choice but to let the doctor deal with the bruises obediently. After that, Keith fetched some Tylenol for her and then took her to the gynecology department instead of leaving. Cathryn hadn't had a check since she got pregnant.

Unexpectedly Keith answered so quickly, Cathryn paused and then nodded her head, feeling relieved. After looking Keith up and down with a smile, Cathryn looked away quickly. Cathryn thought today was a wonderful day with all the self-accusations falling apart to pieces

. "But there is a girl in my heart, and I will take no one but her to be my wife," said Keith. Shocked at his words, Cathryn turned to. look at Keith with her bright eyes and asked curiously, "Does she know it?" Keith looked back at Cathryn and said with a faint smile, "No, she doesn't even remember who I am. " Wow. " Cathryn sighed. Thinking that Keith had never been married because of a girl, she admired Keith even more. "You're really a deep soulful man," Cathryn said. Keith laughed out loud and didn't answer, acquiescing to Cathryn’s words. "That girl. " Cathryn hesitated and then went on, “That girl has a slightly bad memory. ” “Haw-haw!" Keith burst into laughter after hearing Cathryn's words. However, it was the first time Cathryn saw Keith laugh aloud, so she shivered with shock. His blue eyes, like the vast bright sky during summer, were deep and charming. The smile on Keith's face hadn't faded away yet, and his handsome facial features were very fascinating. retty bad," Keith said, "but I still love her. " When they got back to Flower Island, John had already been waiting at the front of the door. As soon as he saw Cathryn get out of the car, he stepped up to her and asked with concern, "Are you all right, Miss Riley?" Cathryn raised her head and saw Eva and Catherine also at the front of the door. Even Jack, who was about to drive into the garage, looked at her full of concern. Her heart warmed with love at the sight of all the people standing there. She let her guard down and felt more relaxed. She smiled and replied, “I'm fine, I'm Wonder woman!" Cathryn’s words amused everyone, and Eva said with a smile, "We all couldn't believe it when Jack told us. I didn’t expect you, such a delicate girl, to have such great courage. The servants of the Island had been courteous to Cathryn because Keith was so affectionate towards her, but today after hearing what Jack said, they seemed even to like their guest more, they truly cared about her well-being. After lunch, Keith said goodbye to Cathryn and went to work, and Cathryn was so bored that she helped Eva with the dishes. In the afternoon, John called the masseuse to come over to do a full-body massage for Cathryn. The masseuse was a woman who was about forty years old. She was a Thai woman. She was a regular employee of Keith's. After John introduced Cathryn to her, the masseuse’s eyes became bright. She then put her palms together, bowed to Cathryn, and said hello to her in Thai.