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Daddy’s Doting Addiction by Spicy Tuna

Chapter 247

Part 247 "You can use the remainder of your life in jail to consider yourself!" Naomi said. "What?" The grin all over froze and he said indignantly, "You said you were pardoning me! Little b*st*rd! How might you venture to mislead me?" 'lm simply not going to kill you myself!" Naomi looked over Scott briskly. She knew the one who really focused on her was not around any longer. The man before her was the one who killed her mom. It was her greatest kindness to let the law endorse At that point, a gathering of cops strolled in and bound Scott. They pulled him out like a dead body. "You b*st*rd! I won't let you go!" Scott battled to violently break free and kept on reprimanding. Be that as it may, his chiding was somewhat blurred. Uncle Zach immediately refurbished the corridor with the rest of the representatives. They changed the weighty and weighted dark and gold foundation to a botanical subject. The scent quickly filled the whole corridor and showed a flourishing imperativeness. Naomi remained at the focal point of the dance floor and raised her glass. The screen behind her was a photograph of her mom, Lilian. She was grinning delicately at everybody. 1 'I therefore proclaim that Green Corp will authoritatively be renamed to Shaw Corp from today onwards.

"Who are you?" Scott checked out at the lady on guard. He attempted to review a name for that lady however he didn't have a clue about her by any stretch of the imagination. 'Might it at any point be individuals from a decade prior? Did they return to search for me?' His face looked horrendous as he thought about those

. 1 'You really must know who I am. In particular, I can assist you with taking back Green Corp. " Anna intentionally said with a raspy voice so her genuine voice was untraceable. Her words resembled the snake where it enticed Eve to eat the illegal natural product. 'Don't you need to see Naomi decay in damnation?" "Obviously I do!" Scott was feeling significantly better when he heard the lady's inquiry. Presently he was guaranteed that the lady was not from the gathering a decade prior. "Be that as it may, I. " He murmured appallingly, "I have no more chips in my grasp. " "Who said you don't have any? You actually have a last weapon. " Anna scoffed icily. She was examining Naomi's experience a couple of days prior and found some dooming news. Scott shuddered and checked out at her with alert.