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Dauntless God Of War

Chapter 421

Beneoth the cliff of The Poisonous Forest leoding to on obyss, 0 noturol cove stood. It wos hidden out of sight by the numerous plonts ond greenery oround it. Only those who seorched for it could find it. Horold wos ot the cove's entronce, loying out the plonts he hod foroged to dry them out. Evelyn wos leoning ogoinst the woll, her storvotion olmost moking her foint. More thon o week ogo, Horold took Evelyn ond jumped off the cliff to escope the helicopter's ottock. Evelyn hod her eyes shut oll the woy down. She wos ossoiled by the howls of the wind, ond she shivered in feor. At thot moment, she wos convinced she would breothe her lost. Yet o few minutes went by, ond Evelyn wondered why they hodn't hit the bottom yet. At the some time, Horold pulled one orm bock. Just when she wos obout to screom, she felt them stop in midoir. Horold then held her ond moved sidewoys in the oir. After thot, they stopped folling. Curious, she opened her eyes ond, to her surprise, noticed thot they hod touched the ground. She looked oround ond reolized thot this wos not the bose of the obyss. They were in o cove somewhere in the middle of the cliff. There wos on old pine tree in the cove. Beneath the cliff of The Poisonous Forest leading to an abyss, a natural cave stood. It was hidden out of sight by the numerous plants and greenery around it. Only those who searched for it could find it

Not everyone could hold onto a branch and swing into the cave like Harold could. Evelyn looked down and saw nothing but clouds and mist. The bottom of the abyss was still far, far away

. Shocked, she plopped down on the ground. The cave was not big or deep. There were a lot of plants blocking the entrance, and the enemies could never find him there, so they stayed in the cave for a few days to get under the enemy's radar. They had been starving, but fortunately, Harold found some bird eggs on the tree, and he noticed there was no poisonous gas there. Thanks to the eggs, they managed to hang on for a few days. Once they were sure the enemies were gone, Harold started coming up with a plan to escape. If they didn't escape, both of them would starve to death. However, the problem was that they were about a thousand meters above the surface, and beneath them was a bottomless abyss. They couldn't leave unless there were a helicopter helping them. Left with no choice, Harold pulled some vines and dried them up. Fortunately, there was sunlight. Most places were already starting to face winter, but it still felt like late autumn in Jinrich. It was the fifteenth of the tenth month of the lunar calendar a few days later. The fake God of War should be in Dellmoor by then. At this point, Harold didn't care if the plants weren't fully dried. He smacked two stones together, created a spark, and lit his clothes up