Abused rejected and loved

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Abused rejected and loved


A story of two stubborn, dominant and powerful werewolves bound together by fate... Lenarya is an everyday Rouge living a double life as the infamous "Nemisis" the rouge that kills rouges ... Drivin by vengeance she builds a name for herself as force to be reckoned with and the most powerful female werewolf alive but without her mask and weapons all everyone ever sees is lenarya....a beautiful , stubborn and weak teenage Rouge Then they is Zeus the only man deemed either brave enough or stupid enough to challenge the alpha king for the throne and victory was his which made him soon to be alpha king and the most feared and most powerful werewolf to have ever lived ....he too is revenge driven and rumour has it he is a heartless cold monster ....he is said to be more wolf than man .... Zeus and lenarya are mates but they are also gasoline and fire....at some point lenarya ends up rejecting Zeus as her mate even though she's always prayed for a mate....it makes me wonder what would happen if two powerful individuals that are surrounded by lies , betrayal,revenge , enemies and love survive in a relationship and that is even if they is a relationship in the first place.....did I mention that Zeus doesn't know that she's also Nemisis... ooops sorry... read on to find out. revenge ,where,how, and to whomContinue to Prologue

(Updated to Chapter 41)

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