Accidental Pregnancy

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Accidental Pregnancy


Accidental pregnancy is not a book but a whole book series. These book series have a total of 5 books. One main book and other is its sequences. Accidental pregnancy is the main book and other books are its sequences. It's chronological order is: 1. Accidental pregnancy 2. The beauty trap of an agent 3. His clumsy little angle 4. His contract bride 5. Her secret admirer Book1: - Accidental pregnancy This is the first part of the book of pregnancy series. Nate Nara is the CEO of Nara enterprise who had everything in his life good looks, fame, wealth, and a beautiful wife but the only thing he wants more than anything is to have a family. He wants to have his own family and his own children. But he lost the ability to become a father due to illness. So he tried to have the child by using the elimination method. Mia Mathis is planning to go to New York after one month for her studies and she has just started working under his company. She goes to visit the gynecologist for a check-up but gets eliminated by mistake because a nurse misplaced the files and send her to an endocrinologist by mistake. After finding out that Mia is pregnant he decided to give divorce to his wife but the situation turns out and Mia had to deliver the kids forcefully due to get shot by the g*n by Anna, Nate's wife. Another day at hospital they get to know that Anna was the death and Nate takes all the blame to save Mia and goes to jail but the thing was Anna was alive when they go to a hospital to save Mia and their kids so who killed her was still suspense. Read the book to find out the murderer and to know what happens next. I will be uploading the whole series in this book. You will know when the first book ends and another book began as you continue reading the book. NovelPub got authorization from EMP Novel to publish this content, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of NovelPub.

(Updated to Chapter 108)

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