Blood In The Night: Book 1: Sold To A Monster

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Blood In The Night: Book 1: Sold To A Monster


I am 17years old and my family sold me to a monster for $5,000. I came home from school and walked into the house. I was called to the living room where my mom, dad, two older brother's and sister sat. There was a man sitting on the chair. I had never seen him before. Rain you are leaving today. You are going to live with this gentleman here. You won't need to take any clothes. Why, would you do that? Because your brother owed him $5,000. If we do not pay it back he is going to kill him.Instead of paying the money back he agreed to take you. So I'm only worth $5,000. Your virginity is worth that much. No, I won't go with him. My father slapped me across the face and said you will. If him taking your virginity will save your brother's life you will do it. The man stood up and grabbed my arm dragging me out to a car. I was thrown in and my arms and legs were tied. As he drove he kept saying nasty, dirty things to me. Once we arrived at a warehouse I was dragged inside and thrown into a cell. I lay on the bed crying.I woke up to find myself naked. He raped me every way he could. He would tie me to the ceiling and beat me with a belt some days when he was angry. I don't know how long I was here because I lost track of time. I didn't know if it was day or night. I was done with this little bitch. She had nothing more to offer me.

(Updated to Chapter 67)

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