Bound of Remembrance

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Bound of Remembrance


George Hemsworth and Shrey Khatri were a happily married couple blessed with five years old twins Luke and Kendall, One blissful afternoon, they decided to go for a car ride when suddenly George's car abruptly halted its progress, slinging Luke, who was comfortably sitting on his momma's lap, and Shrey against the center console with bone-jarring force hit her head she lost her consciousness but was able to save his son; on the other hand, Kendall, who was sitting back seat, was struck by the driver's seat, which jolted her forward and backward When George and Shrey gained their conscious, they anxiously searched for their daughter everywhere but couldn't find out; due to her daughter's loss, Shrey got mentally disturbed and lost her memory As a result of amnesia, she considers herself as eighteen-years-old, Louis lambert's girlfriend who used to work in George's one of the companies but was kicked out for doing some fraudulent scheme in the company, to find out how George is going to make his former secretary and beloved wife remember him and will they be able to find their daughter and protect her from the kidnaper and perpetrator of the accident for these, Let's dig into George Hemsworth's romantic and ecstatic world, who is "bound of remembrance" of his wife.

(Updated to Chapter 40)

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