Cute Baby Cool Mom

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Cute Baby Cool Mom


"Jenny Lane is an excellent lawyer with professional knowledge and charming personality. In the public, she is gutsy, intelligent and eloquent. But in face of Sean, who is her never-seen-before fiance, all her talents of toughness and debate suddenly fade away. It’s not because she’s into him or something but for his lovely son, who insists to call her 'mommy'. Hard to refuse the cute boy, Jenny promises to accompany him and get along well with Sean. Unexpectedly, her promise is mistaken by Sean as a proposal to get married. Happily and satisfactorily, Sean held a press conference to announce their plan of marriage, which surprised all attenders there because none of them thought they would get married so quickly! Afterwards, Jenny is not only an outstanding lawyer, but also a cool mother of the cute boy and gentle wife of Sean."

(Updated to Chapter 632)

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