Dane's Irresistible Desire (English Version)

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Dane's Irresistible Desire (English Version)


Dy's Sibling Series 1 Diana fell in love with Wallace the first time she saw him. So when she has been given a chance to be with him she never hesitates to grab the opportunity. Even to be his bed slave. Despite the obstacles of her own family, she stands for him who later released her as well. Until she discovered that he was about to become the father of the child of the woman she was jealous of. Author's Note: This is a side story Brother's Code Series. You can read it first if you want to follow the flow. BROTHER'S CODE SERIES His Deceptress Wife ( Series 1 ) His Psycho Lover ( Series 2 ) His Kindheearted Wife ( Series 3 ) His Possessive Series ( Series 4 )

(Updated to Chapter 48)

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