Drowing In Mr. Scott's Love

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Drowing In Mr. Scott's Love


To protect her family, she sneaked into his bedroom, lying in his bed and plotting slandering him for having intercourse with her. Next morning, he woke up and interrogated, “Did we have sex? How? And how long was the foreplay? She brainstrommed a lot of scenes of TV series. Then she bit the bullet and said, “Yes, we had. You were drunk. What could happen between a man and a woman naturally went on. Your foreplay lasted for half an hour.” However, he saw her through and forced her sign a contract of selling herself. From then on, she had to cook for him, help him take shower and offer sex service. One day, she couldn’t stand it anymore, “ I want to break up with you!” He said nobly, “No problem. But you should pay me liquidated damages.” She lost her mind thereupon, “ Can I pay in instalments?” He rejected, “ Of course not! You should either pay it all in one lump sum or stay as my sex slave.”

(Updated to Chapter 60)

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