Heartless Beast

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Heartless Beast


Melissa is a widow; she is just 22 years old with a two year old son. Her lover , who she had not married, dies of a heart attack. His ex-wife turns up with her fiancé, and throws Melissa out, penniless. The fiancé, Trsitan Lord, is a ruthless advocate, a millionaire as he fights the cases for the Mafia mob. He does not care for anyone’s feelings. When he meets Melissa, he feels a desire to dominate her, a strange attraction towards her. Although she cannot understand the way she feels towards him, Melissa does not respond to his overtures. This makes him angry. Melissa’s mother dies, her father is paralyzed. He has no one except Melissa. Desperate, with a child and her helpless father to look after,, she takes up a job as a dancer at a topless bar run by the Mob. Tristan sees her there and tries to seduce her in his brutal manner. He grabbed her am, pinning her to the wall, his eyes gleaming like hot coals as he growled, ‘You slut…so you can parade your naked body before the men in that room,’ He jerked her to him, forcing her to feel his hard erectness that was pressing against her soft belly. “But you play the innocent with me, eh?’ She pushed against him, futilely, aware that she was getting turned on strangely enough by this large man’s cruel words and his punishing hold on her. His presence, his male musky aroma filled her head. “Take your hands off me,’ she hissed, but for answer, he lowered his head and brought his hard mouth on her soft moist lips, displaying a hunger that seemed to burn both of them as he ravaged her mouth, his body holding her trapped…

(Updated to Chapter 123)

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