Heiress of Dark World

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Heiress of Dark World


The Monster goes to a special academy disguised as an Angel. A school where students have great talents and best fighting skills. Will she fit in? Or blood will flow...************** **************"I looked up to see the most beautiful creature I had ever seen. His smell is so enticing... No! It's not right! I'm a monster created to kill. People feared me because I am... The Silencer..."At the age of 6, Venice experienced every single challenges of life to its worst thing possible, to become the strongest of all... to become, numb.She was chained in a room, slashed by swords, stabbed by knives, struck by bullets and thrown in a cave of wolves...It is because she's Venice Claire Tarre the only child of the King and Queen of the underground. The Heiress of the dark world......It turns out, they created a monster......She's merciless and heartless... She's numb and ruthless...She never listen but only kills...Her aura is dark and cold...What if the monster fell in love with a person chases by death... Will everything turns alright?

(Updated to Chapter 135)

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