He's My Ruthless Billionaire

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He's My Ruthless Billionaire


The billionaire has his eyes finally on someone. But that someone is not here to love him. The CEO of the leading company decided to marry someone no one ever imagined—not even she herself ever thought about this. But that wasn’t entirely a marriage. She was asked to sell herself, to the one and only Robert Anderson. Many thoughts erupted in her mind as she digested the demand, and finally, an agreement was made, but that agreement didn’t really tell the reality—the reality of her entering hell. Everything was non-sensical to the newlywed bride. She was not knowing what to do; she just lived in the fear of her own husband. As days passed by, she learned more secrets about her mystery husband which only scared her more—to the point where she accepted to do anything he says. On the other hand, the billionaire boss found himself falling for the caring and the understanding nature of the innocent woman—the love she showered on him. He was never loved, and neither did he ever think that he’ll ever love anyone else. But guess, her entry changed his story and his views. Now he needs love, now, he has no life without her. Against all the odds and the obstacles, they were facing in their lives, the couple was fine until the biggest secret opened in front of them. While it broke the boss himself, she was terrified. She was traumatized. Nothing made sense, she decided to move on and leave him forever. But this was not the end. This was the start.

(Updated to Chapter 72)

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