Legally Married

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Legally Married


Two broken hearts forced into a marriage of convenience. It's been fifteen years since Winter lost Damian and Leo lost Riona. They say pain changes people, Winter and Leo are perfect examples of that. Winter now runs Simpsons Corp as a business graduate from Oxford University. Winter then was a naive soft spoken girl but has turned into a heartless and arrogant businesswoman whose purpose is solely to work. Leonardo 'Leo' is a word renowned doctor, he was a calm, humble and loyal guy now has quite the reputation as an egocentric playboy who doesn't give a second look at who he hits. After a bad first encounter, Leo and Winter are thrown into an arranged marriage. They both decide to sign a personal contract which states they might live under the same roof but they will not in any way get involved with each other. How long will they be able to stay away from each other for? Throw in two hot people in a house, add jealous exes and then nosy parents. A perfect recipe for disaster.

(Updated to Chapter 9)

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