Married To Mafia

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Married To Mafia


Sir we found a LEAD on Mrs. and Mr. Seth case". Mr. Vikram Seth the name was enough to get one scared enough to start shivering was not only the only heir of AHANA INDUSTRIES but also a RUTHLESS MAFIA after an incident that changed his life and took away his family his parents Mrs. and Mr. Seth and most importantly his sister the one who had been the one adding hope to his life if he was a lamp than she was its light if he was sky than she was his star she was AHANA the name that was significantly known as the company's name but unfortunately they could not have a happy ending just one incident got his life change 360° got his life upside down. He was a womanizer, drug addict, adamant, emotionless, short-tempered, cold blooded, fierce, brutal, sadistic, merciless, vicious, you name it you have it. On the other hand we have Nitra She is a college student. She belongs to an upper middle class family. Her father is a doctor specifically a surgeon at his own clinic and her mother is a guest lecturer at a catholic school nearby. She is here trying to pursue her father's dream to be a pharmaceutical doctor. I know it may sound boring but she is very keen on her studies and can be called a nerd. She is an innocent girl, living unknown to cruelties of the world. what will happen if two different ends meet together due to a revenge. Hope on in and see what is going to happen? NovelPub got authorization from sheetal to publish this content, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of NovelPub.

(Updated to Chapter 37)

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