Mated to The Wolf King

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Mated to The Wolf King


My wolf told me Alpha Zeus is my mate. Of course, I didn't buy it.Because I'm a weak, disgusting she-wolf who was regarded as the murdered of my mother by my pack. Even if I didn't do it!Finally, that day, I decided to rebel. Fed up with the life full of suffering, I left my pack.I met Alpha Zeus and he said he's my mate, but he rejected me to be his Luna.I loved him with all my heart, but he just broke it all!I thought staying with him was my another misfortune, so I ran away.However, he did his best to catch me and keep me by his side.I prayed to the Moon Goddess to punish and destroy him! But at the day his 'punishment' did come, I suddenly realized, he loved me all the time...

(Updated to Chapter 41)

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