My Love, Enlighten Me

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My Love, Enlighten Me


The half-sister did not want to marry the rumored ugly and inhumane fiancé, so her biological mother knelt down and begged her: “Your sister deserves something better, you can help her.” She was ashamed of her heart and married instead of her sister. On the wedding night, the handsome man frowned and looked at her: “It’s too ugly.” She thought the two would respect each other like ice from now on, but unexpectedly, he directly overwhelmed her: “No matter how ugly, she is my woman.” She stared at him with a stare at him. : “You, you can’t…” The man stripped off her layers of disguise, looked at her originally beautiful face, smiled evilly: “It seems that we all have misunderstandings about each other.”

(Updated to Chapter 1718)

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