My Mafia Madness

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My Mafia Madness


Dante Romano is a highly dangerously and incredibly powerful businessman who always gets what he wants in life… Money, power, women, you name it. As the face of his company and CEO to the multi-billion dollar industry by day, Dante leads the local Mafia ring by night as an underworld crime boss known as ‘The Reaper’. To Dante, life seems simple enough and business appears to be booming... But all that changes when he crosses paths with the beautiful and fiery 25 year old personal assistant Alexa Myers during a chance encounter in a company elevator. Without even realising it, the vivacious young woman suddenly becomes his latest craving and he will stop but nothing to make her his. Unfortunately Dante’s rivals have also learned of his latest craving and also seek out the beautiful Alexa with ulterior motives in mind. When she learns that her life is now in danger Alexa turns to Dante seeking answers to her countless questions. But will they be answers he can give? Will the lovers even have the chance to get to know one another in time before they are put in harm’s way? And of course, will Alexa accept Dante when she eventually learns who and what he truly is? Or will she ultimately reject such a dangerous lifestyle and in turn, reject Dante? WARNING - This story contains scenes of physical and mental abuse, drugs, coarse language, extreme violence and graphic/forced sex...

(Updated to Chapter 85)

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