My Protective Hero

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My Protective Hero


Violet Fairy tales are just stories told to small girls, who then start dreaming about their prince charming who never comes when you most need him and then you realize the difference between dreams and reality. In real life there are only monsters and villains, who laugh and do evil things that you can’t wake up from. Because your life is a nightmare you never thought it would be. I lived in that nightmare, and lost everything. My dreams. My heart. My soul. My body. And my voice. The problem with such nightmares are they follow you even when you are awake. My monsters are there in the shadows waiting to pull me back in the darkness I thought I had escaped. I was almost certain that I had left the dark behind because for the first time in my life I dreamed a dream. A dream of having a small life that would be mine. A dream of having someone that I would give everything I have left. A dream that involved the real life prince charming with sherry eyes and protective circle of his arms. My very own protective hero. Only... He wants something else in return. He wants a heart that I no longer have. He wants a princess but I’m just broken. Cole I was the poster boy for almost having it all. I had a life people envied. Parents who loved me. An empire I was heir to. A woman I loved with all my heart. But then in one single night I lost all of it. Now that poster boy is no longer here, two years in a cell would do that to you. You forget to interact with people and you forget to feel anything except the pain that you had kept in for so long. And then she came into my life. She eclipsed my every hurt and pain because hers was greater than mine. She is afraid but hides it well behinds her beauty. She is strong but doesn’t let people see that side of her. And she is broken but I fell for the cracks, wanting to fill them up with the pieces of my own broken heart. I would do anything for her, except... (This book is a dark tragedy. Contains dubious content that might not be for sensitive readers. Proceed with caution.)

(Updated to Chapter 79)

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