Preview The Malicious President's Dearest Wife

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Preview The Malicious President's Dearest Wife


Nancy Lewis is famous for being abandoned by the wealthy, while Shane Main is known for his mysterious and honourable identity of being the third young master of the Main Family. Thus, it was totally a coincidence for them to meet and get to know each other because of a surgical operation. From then on, when she was ridiculed and insulted by the public,he protected her from their unreasonable harm to her. However, when she thoroughly fell in love with him, she found a buried truth that it was he who took her first night......It turned out that Shane, who kept protecting her, was actually the one who hurt her most.She was brokenhearted and started to avoid him, but she hides,he hunts. Finally, Nancy is shadowed by tall and strong Shane, and she hears, “Marry me, I will atone for my sin with the rest of my life.”

(Updated to Chapter 1055)

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