Preview The Super Bodyguard And His Campus Belle

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Preview The Super Bodyguard And His Campus Belle


In all of the Iroc Continent, I was the strongest mercenary. But suddenly my grandfather assigned me to be a campus belle's bodyguard. Her name was Christine. Initially, she didn't want me around and even tried to drive me away, but her father stopped her. On my first day as her bodyguard, she went to the bank and gave me a million dollars to drive me away, but I refused. I didn't come to her for money! Unexpectedly, several vicious robbers broke into the bank. She cried for help and told me to call the police, but I was skilled enough to have them on their knees all on my own. Christine was dumbfounded, but she was still unimpressed. "So what if you're good at fighting? Just leave me alone!" I replied, "Don't you understand? You're going to die without me!" The next day, I found a bomb in her car and a gunman who hid around the corner. Again, I saved her from the attack. The distrust in her eyes was wiped out. "Alas, I might as well give up on this job for how dangerous it turned out to be!" But this time, Christine begged me, "Please, don't leave me!"

(Updated to Chapter 97)

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