The Hunt:  The Oakmont Saga, Book 2

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The Hunt: The Oakmont Saga, Book 2


Melanie has spent two years recovering from her time at Oakmont, but she hasn't truly recovered. And now, they're back. Can she ever escape 'the program'? Melanie has been hiding her abilities for two years, even from her parents. She knows that hiding is her only chance to keep the government from coming for her. The lingering addiction to the drugs they gave her keeps haunting her, though. As she relapses into the depths of her withdrawal, the people from the program are there to see her, witnessing the moment she uses her power. Now, they have come for her, and she is running...again. Can Melanie escape them, and find a way to live in peace? Torn between addiction, the ever present self loathing she has and the Oakmont program, is peace even possible for her?

(Updated to Chapter 38)

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