The Journal of David Long

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The Journal of David Long


When your entire existence is filled with pain and hate and torture.... Who will you become? The Journal of David Long is written in the form of a personal diary of a serial killer who methodically abducts and tortures people. His goal is to change the world by becoming what he believes is the true face of humanity and through various forms of torture tries to condition his victims to the understanding that they are the reason that people like David are allowed to exist. However, all of his well thought out plans and routines are thrown in to disarray when he begins to ‘fall in love’ with his most recent victim. Caught in the throes of ever increasing psychosis he begins to believe that this person has fallen in love with him too. They share torturous moments together which he believes are positive steps towards developing something very special together. Whether she has just being playing along to gain his trust or whether she has fallen victim to Stockholm syndrome, we are not quite sure. The story comes to a violent and catastrophic climax when a certain revelation from the woman/victim causes David to question his whole life and everything that he believes in.

(Updated to Chapter 44)

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