The Twins Forbidden Love

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The Twins Forbidden Love


This book is a stand alone, however it is a part of the When Dreams Become Reality book series. You may want to read book one When Dreams Become Reality first and book two Tanner's Unrelenting Soul before reading this book to keep from feeling lost.Trigger Warning: This book does contain physical and mental spousal abuse, and is only meant for readers who are 18+. Due to highly explicit sexual scenes. I hope you all enjoy Conner and Wade's story the famous playboy Cunningham twins.Taylor could lose everything, but will she be able to resist Connor and Wade.Connor and Wade have done their best to stay away from Taylor, but when she shows up with bruises, they will stop at nothing to protect her. Even if it means going up against her father, a highly respected preacher, and her ex fiance, the mayor.

(Updated to Chapter 29)

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