The ultimate husband

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The ultimate husband


Read The ultimate husband by Skykissing Wolf. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free hereAs if struck by lightning, Daniel and Luna stood up at the same time. Luna defended her son and said, “Impossible! Darryl is not that type of person!” She shook her head in disbelief. “Hey, Jackson, why don’t you tell them what happened,” Florian sniggered. Jackson approached them and said slowly, “Aunt, Uncle, the evidence on the scene all points to Darryl, he was the one that raped my wife.” This was a huge blow to Daniel. He slumped back onto the chair. “You’ve heard it from Jackson himself, how could it be fake? Who knows what else such an immoral person like Darryl would do! If he were my son, I would’ve disowned him a long time ago, and I’d never return to the Darby clan. I wouldn’t be as shameless as you two!” Yumi exclaimed slyly. She got meaner, and said, “I heard that Lily Lyndon would not let Darryl touch her for three years now. I guess he can’t control himself at the sight of women! He would even touch his own sibling’s wife. Is he even still a person? Kicking you three out of the family three years ago was the best decision we’ve made, yet you have the face to come back?” “My son would never do such a thing!” Daniel coughed, thumping on his chest. The others sneered, “The entire family knows about your son defiling his siblings!” “Yeah, your “good” son!” “Like father, like son! You did not educate your son properly, yet you still dare come back to the Darby family!” “You all three are rotten apples!” Daniel’s eyes turned red, he pointed to everyone and shouted, “Everyone shut up! My…my son would never-” At that he shuddered and fell to the floor in spasms, frothing around the mouth.

(Updated to Chapter 3260)

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