The Vengeful Son-in-law

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The Vengeful Son-in-law


Read the FULL The Vengeful Son-in-law novel by Zhao Zilong. The Vengeful Son-in-law novel PDF free downloadthe vengeful son-in-law novel online Elizabeth was immediately displeased and said, "Brother, what do you mean? Why are you mentioning my son when a mole used that ten million dollars?" Victor said, "As far as I know, Logan hasn't studied hard these days. He's gambling, isn't he? Malcolm just happens to run a casino..." As soon as he finished speaking, everyone immediately realized that Victor suspected that James had used the amount of ten million dollars. James' family of three also reacted, especially Phoebe. Her face suddenly darkened. "Big brother, what do you mean? Tell me clearly! Do you doubt that I transferred ten million?!" James was very angry. "Isn't that obvious?" Victor scoffed and said, "Everyone in my family knows what Logan is. He's a gangster. He fights every day for girls, drinks and gambles. In time. hey, he borrowed a lot of money online, didn't he? Don' I don't think he can hide it from everyone." Phoebe immediately said: "Uncle, how can you say that we used ten million without proof? Logan is immature, a troublemaker. However, the online lending habit. His life changed long ago, and I helped him too." give money back! Furthermore, the day before yesterday I was fired from the board of directors. How can we transfer assets? " Zack stood up and said mockingly, "It's because you got kicked off the board that you're plotting revenge against the Scott Family and moving the money! You don't have the right to transfer the money, but your dad has it! " Phoebe was furious. "Zack, stop getting in the mud. I don't want to retaliate against the Scott Family, and I'm not ordered to transfer the money either!" James and Elizabeth were equally excited and got up to debate. However, the power of the three of them was rather small, and they seemed insignificant and pitiable amid the angry voices of the Scott Family. The more they talked, the more certain they became. They were 100% sure that Phoebe was holding a grudge and transferring her fortune to get revenge on the Scott Family. Zack also suggests calling the police to arrest Phoebe's family and put them in jail. However, just at that moment, a group of people aggressively rushed in from the gate. The person walking in front of him was Malcolm, who had dined with Tom two days ago. ------- the vengeful son-in-law chinese novel

(Updated to Chapter 531)

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