You Are My Mr Wright

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You Are My Mr Wright


Read the FULL You Are My Mr Wright novel by Updike. You Are My Mr Wright novel PDF free downloadHarrit Smith went to a meeting but ran into a wolf when she was drunk. But that's not the worst part of the story. The worst part was - she was pregnant. She wanted to keep the child but the man did not agree. She tried to run away but was caught. She was cornered by the man, who said, "Marry me if you want to keep this child. We can divorce in two years but you can never touch me, not even my hand." She rolled her eyes. Who would want to touch your hand, she thought. However, things changed so fast after their marriage, and the man was like, "Honey, we can sleep together if you are afraid." "I am not." "But you just said that you are." "When did I ever say that?" "You just said that in my dream and you said you wanted to sleep with me." Harrit was like, "Shameless." And the wolf was like, "What's that got to do with shame?"

(Updated to Chapter 100)

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