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Ex-Husband’s Regret: Barren Mommy Has Quadruplets

Chapter 109

Chapter 109 Eaton Brown’s status in the Hill Group can be said to be one person under one person and above ten thousand people. He is a big celebrity around the president, and everyone knows So he gave an order to go on, and everyone knew that it was the president's intention The media department dare not neglect. An hour later, the news about Jason Hill's marriage was completely removed. However, after the previous fermentation, not only the Hill Group media company, but also the outside media have carried this news. So, the rest of the effects are still there. Eaton Brown had a headache and pinched his eyebrows. If the master knew that the matter had not been dealt with cleanly, he would definitely get angry again, so Eaton Brown started running up and down to deal with it again Directly ordered the company’s media department to use all means to suppress all relevant news. That afternoon, the news about Jason Hill's marriage disappeared in sevens and eighties, but some parts could not be deleted no matter what. The people in the media department were so anxious that their hair was about to fall out. Jenny Bates, who was alarmed, knew that all of this was an order from Jason Hill, so she naturally called to question her out of dissatisfaction “Are you too busy? Well, you don’t care what the public opinion outside does. Doesn't Hill Group have other things to keep you busy?” Jenny Bates is dissatisfied because Jason Hill not only sabotages her plans, but always goes against her. After listening to her reprimand, Jason Hill replied very unhappy, “You are in front of your Mrs. Hill Family. It is not your turn to intervene in the company’s affairs. ” After Jason Hill finished speaking, he hung up the phone directly. Over there, Jenny Bates was flushed with anger. This was the first time his son had scolded her so bluntly. She threw her mobile phone heavily on the sofa, and she was not in the mood to drink the freshly brewed black tea. Gail Rogers also saw the news that online public opinion was being suppressed, and it was precisely because she knew that Hill Group had come forward that she began to panic The trending news has been wiped so clean, what about the follow- up? My marriage with Jason . just fell through? Gail Rogers felt uneasy, didn’t think much, she quickly changed her clothes, and went to the Hill Family mansion. Mainly trying to hear from Jenny Bates. But she came at a bad time, and Jenny Bates is not in a happy mood at the moment. Gail Rogers inquired from the ser vant, and knew that Jenny Bates had just finished talking with Jason Hill on the phone. She pretended to be well-behaved, pretending to be understanding, and said,” Mrs. Bates, Jason must be upset that things have become so big. I know you like me, but. but I don’t want you, and the mother-child relationship with Jason is deadlocked, and I don't want to make Jason hate me even more

Before Gail Rogers could finish speaking, Jason Hill hung up the phone angrily and dialed a number. Eaton Brown, Gail Rogers is in the Blue Club underground car park, get someone to deal with it, she’s in trouble. ” Eaton Brown understood that his master called him, but he didn’t want to interfere with this matter, so he replied that he understood, and hung up the phone to deal with it

. The underground car park of the Blue Club. Gail Rogers crouched in a corner and waited for half an hour until his legs were almost numb. She looked in the direction of the entrance of the parking lot, looking forward to Jason Hill's arrival. In fact, everything tonight was directed and acted by herself. The purpose is to trick Jason out. Not far from her position, Nathan was hiding in the car, carrying a camera, ready to take pictures of them. ” Gail, is anyone coming?” After waiting for too long, Nathan couldn’t help but open. the car window and asked aloud. “Don't talk, just wait, people will definitely come!’ Gail Rogers was impatient himself, but stayed in the corner obediently. Time passed little by little. At this time, in the silent parking lot, there was a sound of steady footsteps from far to near. Gail Rogers was overjoyed that Jason was here! She hurriedly looked in the direction of the footsteps. Sure enough, a tall and straight figure in a suit appeared in his eyes. It's just that the light is dim, and she can’t see the other person's face clearly. But there will be no one but Jason! Without hesitation, Gail Rogers ran out immediately, hugged the man’s waist, and cried, " Jason, you're finally here! You don’t know how scared I am alone!” She was weeping. In the air, there was silence for a while, and suddenly the man who was being hugged made a sound. “Gail, it's me. ” The voice was calm, with a touch of warmth, which was very familiar. Not Jason?! Gail Rogers froze for a moment, then slowly raised her head, and met the other person's face, this glance made her stunned in place for an instant. “Big . Brother? Why are you?” Gail Rogers was dumbfounded, and his mind was in a state of confusion. Why did Adam Rogers appear instead of Jason?! She quickly let go, took a few steps back, and asked hastily, “Brother, why are you here?” Adam Rogers was also a little inexplicable, but still told Gail Rogers, saying,” Mr. Hill's assistant called me and said you had an accident here