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Falling in Love With A One-Night Stand

Chapter 372

‘372 The Fight kidnapped her. ” “What? k*"****"**g?” Wayne asked. Jasper wiped the blood from the corer of his mouth and said grimly, “Don't play dumb. Anna has been missing for the entire day! She only met you this afternoon and didn’t go anywhere, Where have you been hiding her?” Wayne was alarmed when he remembered the nurse saying Anna hadn't been to the hospital all day. The cops arrived and asked the man next to them about what had happened. When the sergeant saw the chaos, he exclaimed, “This is a large group brawl. ” The officers then took everyone at the scene, including Wayne and Jasper, back to the police station to make statements. This police station was in charge of the situation when Wayne hid Tammy at the Amusement Park a few days before. Wayne was well- known, so the cops were all familiar with him. Everyone appeared nervous and unsure of what to do when they saw him again. With difficulty, the young cop who took his statement said, “It's me again, Mr. Wright. I'm not going to ask you for basic information right now, so please explain what this is all about again today. ” “You should ask them about it! ‘m curious as well. ” With a frown, Wayne said. He'd been wondering where Anna had gone the entire time. Also, he was confident that Jasper would not screw him over for nothing. But he had no idea why Anna had gone missing all day. “Okay, I'll ask them,” the officer said after a brief pause. After a while, he returned and said, “He said you kidnapped his friend, and he went to your house to look for her. ” “Oh? Did they ever find her?” 371 The Fight “No, So they asked where you'd hidden her,’ the cop said, shaking his head ‘Is that why they broke into my house? Did they use my house as a hideout for women and children traffickers?” Wayne kept asking The officer said cautiously, “No, not at all. But you've already done this before. ” Wayne looked him in the eyes and said coldly, “Really? Check your cases now and see if ‘ve committed any crimes

” “Why would Anna come here where there is no signal?’ Karl said seriously, “It wasn't because there was no signal coverage; rather, someone had installed a signal blocker. Oh, and he also mentioned. " They thought that Anna couldn't have gone there by herself

. Anna’s movements indicated that she had passed through a fishing village on the outskirts of town in the middle of nowhere. Except for small fishing boats, there was no other transportation there. “What else did he say?" Wayne asked. “He claimed that the drug dealer Richard had previously worked with was on the run. Afew months ago, a group of students discovered a drug den. The gang members took revenge on the families of two of the students. " “What did Anna have to do with that?” Wayne asked, alarmed. ‘371 The Fight Karl inhaled deeply and said sternly, “If you hadn’t broken up with Anna, she'd be Ryan’s sister-in-law right now. So, they began their search for the Wrights. They did so because Richard dragged them down, and they knew it was the students from Military Academy who caught them. ” On hearing that, Wayne broke out in a cold sweat. “Let’s go back to the police station,” he said anxiously. Karl squeezed his trembling hand and said, “No! Ryan said the drug dealers are all outlaws. If we call the cops, they will immediately go to all of the islands and search them. We don’t know where the gangs are, so I'm afraid they'll strike first. You understand what I mean. ” Wayne frowned tightly, looking flustered. Then Karl said, “Let's go back to your house first, Ryan said he had an idea’