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Honey, You Are My Lucky Star

Honey, You Are My Lucky Star Chapter 1

Chapter 1 The pain in my hand wakes me up from the darkness. Opening my eyes, I see a doctor giving me a shot. Slowly I notice that not only my hand hurts, but also my stomach. I cry out to the doctor about my pain. But the woman in her 40s in front of me just looks at me expressionlessly. It dawns on me that she’s the doctor who gave me an ultrasound the last time when my husband took me to the clinic! She seems to know that I’ve recognized her and says softly, “It won’t hurt so much. Don’t worry. ” “What… do you mean?” With cold sweat on my forehead, I subconsciously cover my stomach. “Your family has decided to induce you, and it will start in half an hour,” she says indifferently. A chill steals over my body and I yell at her like crazy. “No, I’m not doing this! This child is mine. Where’s Callen Gibbs? I want to see him!” “Stop yelling. He’s here. ” My mother-in-law walks in with a smile and says something to the doctor. Beside her is Callen and a strange young woman.

He doesn’t answer me, but Maisy, who’s holding his arm, looks at me with a smile. “I’ll be there for him and get him the best lawyer. Are you sure you want to go to court?” I gasp for air but can’t say a word

. The pain in my stomach has put me in a trance. “I promise you to divorce. Can I keep the child?” There’s a few seconds of silence. After a while, Callen says, “Then sign it now. ” I struggle to crawl towards him and sign my name with trembling hand. Hot tears slip out of the corners of my eyes and drip down onto the paper. Picking up the divorce agreement, Callen looks at me with a complicated look. “I’m sorry. It’s too late now. ” “What?” I touch my belly and have a bad feeling. Maisy covers her mouth and laughs. “The doctor just gave you a contraction shot.  It’s too late to save the baby. What a pity!” Callen doesn’t refute and turns around to leave with Maisy in his arms. Without looking at me, he closes the door. After a while, the doctor comes in and stands by my bed. I grab her hand tightly and cry, “Save my child, please! I can give you double what they give you! Please!” .