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Honey, You Are My Lucky Star

Honey, You Are My Lucky Star Chapter 10

Chapter 10  In the dim light, I meet Harrison’s eyes. If I’d known he was in this room, I wouldn’t have knocked. “What’s up?” He looks at me with a faint smile. I look at him awkwardly and sound distant, “I’m here with a friend. But I can’t find our room. ” He shrugs causally. A shadow of smile touches his mouth. Somehow I feel a bit annoyed. “Goodbye, Mr. Stewart. Have a good time. ” I nod gently. There’s a voice behind him. Before I can hear it clearly, I’m pulled into the room the next second. I turn around to leave, but he has closed the door.

” “You don’t drink?” The man looks at me and then Harrison. Harrison takes the glass from my hand and drinks it in one gulp. He then places it on the table and say, “What’s so strange about that?” The man blinks ambiguously at me

. He says in a voice loud enough to be heard, “Harrison, so you’re her hero!” “Get the hell out of my way. ” Harrison ignores him and turns to look at me, “So your injured ankle didn’t stop you from coming out?” “It’s… none of your business. ” I chose not to explain. Although he helped me last time, we’re still strangers. I don’t have to tell him why I’m here. He’s not angry at my answer. On the contrary, he chuckles. “Since you’re here, enjoy yourself. ” I’m not in the mood to enjoy. I just want to get out of here, but there’re always people talking to me. My upbringing makes it impossible for me to interrupt them and leave. Harrison, who sits by my side, is currently having a drink with the man who just toasted me. “When did you know Harrison? Why have we never seen you before?” A sweet-looking woman on my right asks curiously. I’m m not trying to hide anything, so I tell her what happened that day. When she heard that I was divorced, there was contempt in her eyes. I see it, but I didn’t say it. To be exact, I’ve been used to this. For the past two years, I’ve been met with scorn or sympathy for my divorce. I’m actually satisfied that this woman didn’t say anything mean. Feeling bitter, I pick up the beer on the table and drink it up.