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Honey, You Are My Lucky Star

Honey, You Are My Lucky Star Chapter 11

Chapter 11 Harrison takes away my wine and says in a low voice, “You can’t drink that much though I’m here. ” I don’t know if I’m drunk or in a bad mood, but I grab it back. While I was grabbing, I spilled wine on my hand. After I drank it up, I feel someone pulling my hand. I turn around and see Harrison wiping the wine off my hand with a napkin My heart skips a beat. “Harrison, how did you meet her?” The sweet-looking woman asks in surprise, “We were just chatting. She said that she was divorced. ” This woman is really ridiculous. It turns out she was talking to me to find out who I am. And now she can’t wait to tell Harrison I’m a divorced woman. Harrison doesn’t look at me, nor does he answer her. The woman’s unwilling to give up. “You shouldn’t be with her. People will laugh at you. ” “People? Who?” I ask with a smile.

The room is as quiet as it has ever been. I sit up and give Harrison some space. “Thank you for not pushing me away

. ” He brought me all the humiliation, but I still have to thank him, because I know I can’t afford to offend anyone here. I will get in trouble unless I have Harrison’s support. He doesn’t answer me. With a cigarette between his long fingers, he takes a deep drag on it and exhales. “Don’t get mad at Abbie. We all know how she feels for you. You shouldn’t turn against her for such a woman!” The man who speaks to Harrison is still the one who has just toasted to me. Harrison puts out his cigarette and asks coldly, “Jonah, who do you think I should do this for?” “At least it should be a woman worthy of you,” Jonah says indifferently. Harrison sneers a few times and says word by word, “I can be with whoever I want. No one can stop me. ” “Not even God!” His words sober me up completely. I stagger to my feet. “My mom is still waiting for me. I should leave. Enjoy yourselves. ” “I’ll take you home. ” He gets up wearing a coat. Seeing this, I quickly wave my hand and say, “I’m good. Thank you.