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Honey, You Are My Lucky Star

Honey, You Are My Lucky Star Chapter 4

Chapter 4 As I grimace in pain, Maisy asks Callen with dissatisfaction, “You still love her? You feel sorry for her because she fell? Are you gonna make out with her if I’m not here?” Maisy’s logic was really hilarious. She did something wrong and she’s blaming someone else. “There are so many people here. You want to make a scene here?” There’s guilt in Callen’s eyes when he looks at me. “I don’t care. Is this where you were supposed to meet? Callen, if it weren’t for my family, would you be where you are right now?” Maisy doesn’t intend to move on. After that, she looks at me. “You know what the fate of a divorced woman is? To die alone at home!” “What about adulterers? Is their fate to be shot?” I reply in a cold voice. Cheating, killing my kids, divorcing me without giving me a penny… They should be punished! She probably didn’t expect me to retort. Walking to me with annoyance, she shouts, “Who do you think you are? Do you know Calllen’s biggest regret is marrying you? He said you were like a dead fish in bed, haha. You think you’re a princess because you’re wearing a fancy dress? Wise up, Cinderella!” “At lease Cinderella is not a mistress. ” I sneer. Maisy’s words touched my raw nerve. Even though it’s been so long, my heart still hurts when I think of the past. “B*tch!” Maisy scolds me and reaches out to hit me.

Is he your new man? Does he know you’re a divorced woman?” Does she forget that she forced me to get a divorce? I can’t help but chuckle. “Does anyone else know Callen’s my ex-husband and you’re the one who broke up our marriage? You think it’s not shameful to be a mistress, but shameful to be divorced?” I sneer. “Chelsea, Maisy didn’t mean that

. How can you talk to her like this?” Callen steps forward and questions me, shielding Maisy behind him.