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Honey, You Are My Lucky Star

Honey You Are My Lucky Star Chapter 17

Chapter 17 HR says I was fired. I take the pink slip without saying anything and walk to the manger’s office. The secretary tells me that someone’s in the manager’s office and asks me to wait on the sofa. I’ve signed a contract with the company so they can’t fire me at will. If the manager can’t give me a reasonable explanation, I can apply for arbitration. “Thank you. ” Just as I’m thinking, I hear a familiar voice. I look up and see Maisy standing at the door of the office, saying goodbye to the manger. “Wow, Chelsea?” She sees me. I get up and force a smile. “Why are you here?” “Work stuff, of course. ” She smiles at me evilly and then turns to the manager. “This is Chelsea. We talked about her before. ” The manger’s not surprised at all.

I grab her collar and shout desperately and angrily, “What on earth did I do wrong? Why can’t you just let me go!” “Because you’ve been hitting on Callen! Know yourself! You’re a discarded piece of trash, so don’t show your face around here again. ” says Maisy with a soft laugh. “Remember this

. An ugly duckling doesn’t turn into a swan. ” She shakes off my hand, turns around and leaves with a proud smile My mind’s blank. As I watch her disappear, I abandon my pride and kneel on the ground. “I promise, you’ll never see me again. My mother is still in the hospital and she owes debts. I can’t lose this job!” I put aside what she has done to me and beg her with tears. Maisy stops but doesn’t turn around. “Don’t you have a boyfriend? Maybe your tears work for him. ” She left. I sit on the ground like a broken woman. It’s already dark when I arrive home. I receive a call from a nurse downstairs. She wants me to pay her bills tomorrow. Money! Money! Money! At this point, I really hope that money will fall from the sky. Ironically, money doesn’t fall from the sky, creditors do. They’re standing in front of my house.