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Honey, You Are My Lucky Star

Honey You Are My Lucky Star Chapter 19

Chapter 19 With just one word, I can feel the coldness and alienation in Harrison’s tone. His old tenderness’s gone and he sounds like a stranger to me. It makes me forget what I was gonna say. I feel like I’m doomed to fail. “Hello?” He says again. With my hands tightly holding the phone, I put aside my thoughts and say without confidence, “Em, it’s Chelsea. You sent me home last time. Do you remember?” A burst of laughter comes from the others side, which puzzles me. I wonder if I said the wrong thing. I’m not sure if he remembers how I said no every time he offered to help me. I’m calling him out of the blue. Maybe he thinks I’m playing hard to get. “Of course I remember you. ” His tone’s relaxed and smiling. It’s kind of ambiguous.

I look straight ahead, and the phone slips from my hand with tears. I get up and walk to the mirror, looking at the pale and thin woman in the mirror. The ensuing disasters didn’t break me down

. I’m still alive, and Harrison is my last straw. As long as he promises to help me, all the problems will be solved. I put on my most expensive dress, which I bought for an interview. I never thought I’d be using it right now. I put on delicate make-up and bright lipstick. When I’m about to go out, I think of something and go back to wear a perfume I haven’t used in a long time. After that, I smile at myself in the mirror, and then I go out. I see Harrison’s car as soon as I come downstairs. The driver seems to have seen me too and turns on the lights. grab my purse tightly and take a deep breath as I walk towards it. After nearly half an hour, the car stops at an apartment building. The driver told me to go to Room 903. I thank him and get out of the car. Standing at the door of Room 903, 1 begin to hesitate. Finally, I reach out and ring the doorbell with trembling hand. At this moment, Harrison and I are only separated by this door.