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Honey, You Are My Lucky Star

Honey You Are My Lucky Star Chapter 26

Chapter 26 I was going to the back garden of the hall because there was a waiting area, but I turned around halfway. I remember what happened in the hotel garden last time. I met Callen and Miasy, and then broke my ankle. I don’t want to experience it again. Although this banquet isn’t at a hotel, it is at a villa. The banquet hall is surrounded by a large balcony. It may not be as comfortable as the garden, but it’s a quiet place. I stand on the balcony with the wine in my hand and look at the night view outside, enjoying the cool breeze and the soft piano music. “Mr. Stewart brought a date here! That woman looks like a slut!” “Totally! We’ve never seen her before. She’s definitely not a lady. ” “What a shameless woman!” The sound of excited conversation continues to reach my ears, and I can’t help but turn my head to look behind me. They probably don’t see me because they’re still talking. If I’m right, Mr. Stewart should be Harrison and that shameless slut should be me.

If she offends me again today, I’m not gonna let her get away with it. Even if I don’t deserve Harrison, she doesn’t get to judge me. Who does she think she is? Harrison’s girlfriend? But I won’t pick a fight

. Harrison brought me here and I can’t be a problem for him. I stand back in order to hide myself, but I accidentally knock over a glass. Sh*t! When I look up, I see Abbie and the woman beside her looking at me in surprise. “Excuse me, I need to go to the bathroom. ” I pretend to be calm. I put on makeup and the dress Harrison got me today, so Abbie shouldn’t be able to recognize me. After all, I look nothing like the last time she saw me. They automatically made way for me. I walk through them without hurrying. As I menage to leave, Abbie calls me. ] “Chelsea?” I stop in my tracks subconsciously. In less than three seconds, she’s already walked up to me. She glares at me. “I can’t believe you like eavesdropping!” “This is a public area, not your own,” I calmly retort. The woman beside her looks at me and asks her who I am in a low voice. Abbie sneers, “She’s Chelsea, Harrison’s date tonight. I’ve met her before and she’s a divorced woman. ” “I didn’t think you’d make it this far. I underestimated you. ” The irony in her words is too obvious to ignore. She’s just saying that I shamelessly seduced Harrison. But from where she stands, she has a point. I’m a divorced woman and not particularly beautiful. What else could I do to be his date but seduce him? She would be even more surprised if she knew my deal with Harrison, wouldn’t she? But it’s none of my business. I give her a sweet smile. “Why don’t you go and ask Harrison why he brought me here?” I’m gonna go. I don’t want to argue with a little girl. But she doesn’t allow me to leave. She grabs my hand and gives me a big tug. I’m not used to wearing high heels, so I lost my balance and fell to the ground. Subconsciously, I put my arm over my head before I fell, and now I just feel a burning pain in my arm. “You want to go against me? Who do you think you are? Know yourself. Harrison will dump you sooner or later!” Abbie says proudly. Ever since the divorce, I’ve been telling myself I can’t be a pushover! I don’t want to get into a fight with her, but that doesn’t mean she’s gonna let me go. I slowly stand up against the wall amid her wanton laughter. Looking back, I realize that if I hadn’t used my hands to protect my head, I would have broken my head and bled. I look at her coldly. “Even without me, Harrison wouldn’t be with you. ” Abbie’s laughter stops abruptly. She grabs my collar with one hand. “What did you say?” “Does Harrison know that you, who looks so innocent and sweet, have such a vicious side? If not, I don’t mind telling him. ” I say calmly. Abbie cares about Harrison the most. I said that to touch her on her most sensitive spot. I want to know if she’s been pretending to be nice in Harrison’s presence. After getting along with Harrison, I can be sure he’s not a fan of scheming and vicious women. To be precise, no man likes. Abbie yells, “You’re a dead woman, b*tch! How dare you threaten me!” She raises her hand, trying to slap me. Before I take a step back to avoid it, a tall man appeared. It’s Harrison. His sudden appearance gives me mixed feelings. On the one hand, I feel that he has helped me a lot or even saved my life. On the other hand, I feel that he is in some kind of conspiracy to help me. People seldom do good deeds for nothing. Even though I’m not pretty, I think he wants something from me. What’s more, why did he bring me here and then leave me alone? He knew I would be targeted. “Mr. Stewart, if I were any dumber, I would think you’re really nice to me.