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I Am A Boss Mommy That Wants To Slack

Chapter 529

529 The Son-in-law of The Shen Family is a Gigolo? Translator: Lordbluefire Chu Tianye still had an innocent look on his face as he spoke, ‘If it's really because Grandpa doesn't have money, I can give him my private savings!” After speaking, Chu Tianye even winked at Chu Yu. He thought about the tens of millions he had saved over the years in his account, and despite his heartache, he smiled at Chu Yu and said, “Consider it my gift to my brother. ” Using tens of millions to get Chu Yu to not compete with him for the Shen family’s wealth was definitely worth it! Chu Yu's lips twitched. “No need. ” What about Mommy? If Chu Tianye gave away his savings, wouldn't she be heartbroken? Chu Tianye’s eyes lit up. “Really?” “Yeah, whoever it’s promised to, it belongs to them, no backing out. ” “Okay. ” Chu Tianye silently held onto his small pocket. Inside it, there was a bank card that contained all his savings since he was a child. After the two of them finished speaking, they finally looked at the Third Martial Uncle. “So what's going on with our grandpa?” The Third Martial Uncle. your grandpa just recognized the Queen as his mother. Your grandpa isn't broke; he was originally the Crown Prince of Country A and is now the King!” Chu Tianye. “?” Chu Yu. “?” Both of them were stunned and then looked at each other. Chu Yu was dumbfounded. (Oh no, does that mean I am now a little prince? Will my mommy still help me take care of my kids later on?) Chu Tianye suddenly held his chest! He vaguely saw a shiny golden throne in front of him waving at him and then going further and further away. He didn't cherish it and could only wail and cry now! The Royal Family of Country A must be richer than the Shen family! He hadn't expected this spoiled Mama's boy to find such a big bargain! Now, Chu Tianye was full of regret and pain. Chu Xiaomeng, who knew his feelings well, walked up to him and patted his shoulder. “Brother, it's okay. At least, I'm poorer than you. ” Chu Tianye. ” Alright, he was comforted. Downstairs. After Shen Yuansong’s younger sister said the words “throne,” she sat directly at the second table and looked around in surprise. “Why are you all standing? Sit down!" The crowd. ” Shen Yuansong coughed, and at this moment, he didn't dare to look down on this “pretty boy” anymore. He then pointed to the first table and said, “Jing. ” After saying one word, he somehow didn’t know how to address his son-in-law. But at the same time, Shen Yuansong couldn't help but mutter to himself. The surname of the Royal Family of Country A was ‘Jing’ After he noticed the resemblance between Jing Zhen and the Crown Prince, why didn’t he think about the surname? He was really stupid

It was alla misunderstanding. The Crown Prince of Country A was a brilliant figure in China back then. He had formulated strategies for the development of the four great families and led them

. This was why Old Master Bai was so loyal to Jing Zhen! It was only because of Jing Zhen's disguise that Shen Yuansong scolded him. How could he have said such things if he had known who he really was? But the Queen Dowager kept pressing on. ‘IIS that so? But I clearly heard that just now. Didn't you all hear it too?” She looked at Old Master Bai, Leader Xu, and Leader Rong. The three of them fell silent, sweating profusely. Shen Yuansong was now related to Jing Zhen as his father-in-law. So even if he had said that, it was nothing now. The Queen Dowager had no reason to continue targeting the Shen family. She only said this to disgust them. But what did this have to do with the three of them? The Queen Dowager already suppressed the Shen family, and now she wanted the three of them to testify against Shen Yuansong? What a dilemma. They didn't dare to offend the Queen Dowager, but they also couldn't afford to offend the King! The three of them didn't dare to speak, but the Queen Dowager kept pressing. “What's wrong? Didn't you hear it? Or did you lose your memory? If your memory is so bad, why not go get a new brain? The three of them were sweating even more. Shen Yuansong sighed deeply. He knew that the Queen Dowager was giving the Shen family a warning. He didn't assume that everything was settled now that Jing Zhen had married Shen Qianhui Shen Yuansong had unintentionally insulted the King of A Country, and no matter what, he must apologize! He clenched his jaw and slowly stood up. “Your Majesty, it was all a misunderstanding. “What misunderstanding? Didn't you say that?” The Queen Dowager sneered. At this moment, Shen Qianhui looked at Jing Zhen in a panic, but Jing Zhen was serious as he said, “Yes, I heard that too. ” Hearing this, everyone was in disbelief and looked at Jing Zhen. Was Jing Zhen really ready to confront the Shen family? Did he have a hard time as a son-in-law and now try to settle the score with the old man? The Queen Dowager showed a pleased expression, thinking that her son and the Shen family were really incompatible. Shen Yuansong also clenched his fists. He had looked down on Jing Zhen a lot and said many things behind his back. Even when he knew that Jing Zhen was listening, he didn’t give the latter any face. Did Jing Zhen really hold a grudge against him? Shen Yuansong was somewhat dissatisfied in his heart It seemed that he must lower his head today. Shen Yuansong then lowered his head. “Yes