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I become a SheEO After Dirvorce

Chapter 490

Chapter 490 Marry Two Women Robert had a grin on his face, and they all knew that one shouldn't hit a smiling man. Plus, given Robert's status, Clarence had no choice but to suppress his anger Robert continued to smile and said, ‘I'm to blame for today’s incident. I have a bit of a connection with this little girl. She said she wanted to see the royal engagement banquet, and I rashly agreed. “As for the hundred cannons outside, that was also my mistake. There's a training base at the foot of the snow mountain that specializes in artillery. It was originally dispatched to provide security. Who knew that this little girl, in an attempt to stop the engagement banquet, would say something offhandedly that you guys took seriously?” Clarence’s expression changed as he looked at Robert. He couldn’t help but ask, “So according to you, I'm the one at fault? I shouldn't have been fooled by a woman?” wen and w “How could that be?” Robert continued to smile. “If we say you were fooled, then wouldn't that mean that king and the queen were also fooled?" His gray hair and the affectionate smile made him look particularly innocent. “To tell you the truth, I'm to blame. I was so shocked at the time that I couldn't believe this little girl and my nephew had that kind of relationship. I couldn't react for a while! “But let's face it. If Lincoln’s love affairs aren't handled properly, it's your daughter who will be wronged. “I've known her since she was little

” Robert took the opportunity to immediately confront Lincoln. “As your uncle, I have some things to say to you. ‘This situation is entirely of your own making

. Your relationship with Ms. Vargas is unclear, so how can you become engaged to Jasmine? ‘Just because you have a noble status, remarkable abilities, and handsome looks, doesn’t mean you can act like a playboy. You can't have your cake and eat it too. This is your fault. ” Lincoln nodded in agreement. “You're right, Uncle. ” Robert patted him on the shoulder and continued, “If you like them both, why not marry them both? “But you need to think carefully about who the main wife will be and who the side wife will be. ” Clarence glanced at Robert and said firmly, “As the daughter of a noble family, my daughter cannot be the side wife. ” Zayla smiled and retorted bluntly, “Are you saying that as the Chosen One, I am a lowly, inferior person?” Clarence’s expression tightened. He knew Zayla was a formidable opponent, but he didn’t expect her to be so cunning. Miriam looked at Jefferson, and after a brief exchange of glances, Jefferson nodded and decided to let Miriam handle the situation Miriam stood up unexpectedly and made a proposal