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I Fell For My Brother

Chapter 10

“Seyah…” As soon as I opened the door Seth smiled. I watched him smile but I didn’t smile back at him because I was just too hurt and everything was because of him. I looked at his face and I remembered the way he shouted at me and the way he was wrapping his arm around Eliza in that picture. “What do you want, Seth?” I asked him and I found my voice was just heartless but do I have to care? No. this is not the first time he hurt me. “Seyah I’m sorry” I bit my lower lip so hard because I wanted to stay without crying. Is he saying sorry for what? For shouting at me or for staying with Eliza without even caring about me? “Okay. ” I forcefully smiled at him and tried to close the door but he didn’t let me. I looked at him and found his eyes were red. I really felt bad because of my behaviour. Did I hurt his feelings by acting like this? I hate it when his eyes turn red. “I want to sleep. Please go now” I simply smiled at him and said. He watched me for a while and shook his head as he entered my room forcefully. “Seyah.

“Just go, Seth. If you want me to stay away from that much I’ll do it just don’t use those kinds of methods to hurt me. You’ll never understand that feeling because you don’t love” I pushed him away and wiped my tears

. Didn’t he say don’t touch him? “Let’s just stay like nothing happened between us. You live your life and I’ll live mine” I smiled at him and said because he was right. We are impossible as long as he doesn’t love me back. One sided love never wins, it just only brings pain. “I won’t mind your things again Seth. If you like Eliza you can stay with her” I betrayed my heart and my feelings but that’s the truth. I always bother him with his things. I forced my tears back and smiled at him. I looked at him and found his eyes were covered with tears and his lips and nose were red. “No. You’re mine Seyah” With that he pushed me onto the bed and climbed top of me. My heartbeat increased and I was just afraid because of his actions. “Seth. What. are you doing?” I asked him as he again got up from my body. I watched him as he went towards the door but he did something I didn’t expect him to do. Did he just lock the door? “Seth what are you doing? Just go out. I won’t love you anymore and I’ll find a boyfriend who doesn’t hurt me” I told him because I wanted him to leave my room but he did exactly the opposite. “You like him, Seyah? Do you like Austin?” I watched his face and found he was furious. Suddenly I felt fear as Seth took off his t-shirt. What’s wrong with him? Why is he angry? Austin? How am I supposed to know him? I just met him a few hours ago. “Ahh…” Seth climbed to the top of my body and started to kiss my neck. What the hell? I quickly pushed him away because I promised myself that I won’t touch him again. Seth looked at me with a shocked face and his eyes turned even more red. “Seyah don’t. Why are you pushing me? You’re mine and you’re not allowed to love another man” With that he kissed me. What? I don’t understand. I closed my eyes as my tears rolled down. His words could make me happy but I know he actually didn’t mean it. I don’t know what is wrong with him. “Ahh… Seth. don’t” I found his touch was comfortable but it shouldn’t be like this. He was kissing all over my body and he even removed the t-shirt I was wearing. Then he started to touch my breasts and then removed my bra. “I’m doing it tonight. I waited so long” With tha Seth removed my pants and made me naked in front of him. My heart was beating fast and I know this shouldn’t happen like this but my love for him was just so much, so I let him do it without even thinking. I was just hurt because of him but I love him more than anything. “Mmmm. Seth. ahhh” He bit my nippled and started to kiss my body. I clutched his hair and tilted my breasts forward while letting him do what he was doing better. “Fuck. ” I looked at Seth and found he was already looking at my body while licking his thin lips. Then he quickly took off his pants. I was scared but at the same time I wanted it because if we do it I can’t make him stay with me and all I wanted was Seth. He’s my brother but I love him. I looked at him and saw he was hard. I quickly looked away from his body because I was embarrassed. “Seyah. Don’t leave” Seth whispered against my ear and I nodded as he pushed his length inside of me. “Ahhh” Tears came out of my eyes because it hurt. I clutched his shoulders tightly and buried my face against his neck. Seth waited for a while and slowly started to move. It hurts and I bit his shoulder without much force and I heard him groan. “Ah. Ahh. Seth” I found myself moaning as he speedened his actions. Am I just having sex with my brother? I bit my lower lip and released his shoulders as I leaned on the bed. I clutched the bed sheet because of his speed. I opened my eyes and watched Seth’s face which was filled with pleasure and his eyes were closed. Then suddenly he opened his eyes and looked at me, my heartbeat increased because of his handsomeness. Seth smiled at me and bent down as he pressed his lips against mine. I smiled back at him and wrapped my arms around his while pulling him closer to me. “Ahhh…” Unintentionally I moaned loudly as he released his sperm inside of me. Seth stayed on top of my body for a while as he panted heavily. Then he flipped me to face the bed and placed his hands on my breasts as he buried himself again inside of me. Then again he pounded into me fast. After he was done again he made me sit on his body and move. I did what he wanted me to do because I was lost in the pleasure and I was just simply lost in the man I love more than everything.