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I Fell For My Brother

Chapter 11

“Seth… It’s enough. Ahh. ” I can’t believe his strength. Why does he have so much stamina? I placed my both hands on his chest and spoke in a low voice because I was just tired and sleepy but yet he’s thrusting into me with his unbelievable strength. Finally after a long time he stopped his actions and looked at me. I saw the look on his eyes and he was clearly sleepy. Seth smiled at me and kissed my forehead as he laid next to me and hugged me to sleep. Both of us forgot about washing ourselves and just fell asleep easily. ~ Seth ~ I woke up in the morning and I was exhausted, I sat up on the bed and rubbed my eyes. Suddenly the thing I saw made my whole damn body freeze on the spot. A reflective shudder ran through my body as I saw Seyah’s naked body. Her breasts were completely exposed and all her skin filled with hickeys. What the fuck is this? Why is she naked? Then my eyes fell on my own body. Why am Inaked too? Suddenly my mind started to recall what we did last night. My heart covered with horror as I remembered those actions of mine.

She shook her head as her eyes turned moist. “No? Then why the fuck you didn’t push me away? You always wanted this. You fucking wanted your own brother

. Are you a bitch? I never knew my sister was a bitch” I let go of her chin and looked at her. Her eyes were covered with tears and they were rolling down from her eyes. Her lips parted as if she wanted to tell me something. “FROM NOW ON. you better stay the fuck away from me Seyah. Don’t fucking mind my businesses and I don’t care how many boys you have. Go to school alone and come alone. From today onwards there won’t be a brother in your life. STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME. ” I shouted at her while watching her cries become even harder. Then I got up from the bed and turned to leave. “Seth please. I love you. Don’t do this to me. If you don’t want me it’s okay but stay with me as my brother. Please, I beg you. Don’t leave” I heard Seyah’s broken voice as she grabbed me from my arm and that made my heart feel like someone was piercing my heart with a thousand needles. What did I just tell her? Did I call my sister a bitch? What the fuck did I do? “No. your brother is dead” I was heartless, really heartless to her. Am I even a brother? How could I just hurt her like this? She’s my everything. “Seth don’t. ” Without caring about her I grabbed my clothes and wore them quickly as I walked out from her room. As soon as I came out of her room my heart was covered with regret. Regret for what I just did but if I want to make her stay away from me I have to be cruel to her. This is all for her own good. We are siblings and we are impossible. I also love her in a strange way but that doesn’t mean I have to make her mine and destroy her life too. She deserves more than this. I bet she will hate me for this and that’s what I wanted. I walked into my room and grabbed a shower but I couldn’t forget last night's memories. It was me who did it and she pushed me away. Fuck. again it was my fault. I really didn’t have to do that but I lost my sanity as I saw her with Austin. She even kissed his cheek. After taking a shower I looked at the time and quickly got ready to go to the school. As I came out of my room I saw Seyah who was sitting on the sofa in front of my room. As soon as she saw me she quickly stood up and smiled at me. Her eyes were swollen. She was probably crying but yet she’s smiling at me. I didn’t want her to have any hope anymore so I ignored her and went into the dining room as I sat and started to eat my breakfast that aunty Martha had already severed the table. I felt Seyah was staring at me and no wonder why she’s doing that. It was because this is the first time I’m eating without her. Then after some time she came and sat as she grabbed the food but I didn’t even look at her. I just finished my food quickly and stood up as I left. I was betraying my heart, my feelings and my love. But that was because I wanted her to give and understand that we’re impossible. As soon as I stepped out of the house. I felt Seyah was running after me but without caring about her I got onto my bike and sped away. I watched her via the side mirror and she was looking in my direction in the most painful way and she slowly sat on the ground while hugging her knees. The way she stayed there really made my heart shattered into pieces but I didn’t have a choice. One of us should stop this and there's no way it would be Seyah. She won’t stop loving me and coming after me like an ignorant girl so the only option is me. I should change and I should show her that I don’t care about her. Then she will easily move on and forget her feelings about me. I’m really sorry, Seyah. All I could think was that. I have feelings for her and she also has feelings for me so both of us are doing the wrong thing and that means both of us should suffer. She’s not the only one who was hurting because I’m also suffering because of my own cruel actions that used to hurt her.