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I Fell For My Brother

Chapter 21

“What did you tell him this time?” she asked me with an angry voice. Why the hell is she even asking me? It has nothing to do with her. “I’m talking to you Seyah” She slapped the desk and shouted at me making everyone look at us. My heart turned cold with anger because of her. “What’s wrong with you Eliza?” I asked her, then she looked at me and smirked with a disgusting gaze. What has gotten into her now? I think she’s really upset because Seth ignored her in the morning. “I’m asking you what did you tell him this time? I know you don’t want me to be his girlfriend so you’re doing everything that could make him stay away from me” she said as she grabbed a chair and sat in front of me. I sighed and took a deep breath. “I don’t want you to be his girlfriend and you’re dangerously right. So just stay away from him” I said as I got up from my seat to walk away. She’s just making me angry. So annoying even after he ignored her. “Then who do you want to be his girlfriend?” she mocked me as she got up from the seat too. I looked at her and shook my head because I can’t tell that I’m already his girlfriend because we are siblings. “Not a woman like you” I smirked and walked away from her.

I waited for him and then he came out after a while with snacks. I really love him. Then he got into the car and gave the bag to me as he drove again

. “Where are we going?” I asked him. He just looked at me and shook his head with a smile. He’s not telling me? But it’s okay I would even go to hell without any hesitation with him. I watched the way he drove the car and I bit my lower lip seeing the way his strong arms moved. He’s just so damn handsome and no wonder why Eliza wants to be with him this much. She’s just bloody annoying. My heart again clenched as I remembered her words. I don’t know why but the way she told me that she will be the woman who married Seth is just really bothering me again and again. I don’t know why she said that or if it would happen or not but I’m scared. No it’s okay I don’t have to be scared because I love Seth and he only loves me too. I sighed and took out a snack from the bag as I opened it. “Seyah? What’s wrong?” I heard Seth’s voice and I looked at him to see his face was filled with worry. I sighed and smiled at him then I just wanted to tell him what Eliza said. “Eliza said, she will be the woman whom you marry in the future” As soon as I said that Seth’s eyes turned cold and the worried look in his eyes disappeared. “Why the hell did she say that?” He was suddenly angry. Then I sighed and smiled at him not wanting to ruin my day with him. “It’s okay Seth, she is just like you and she thinks I’m telling you bad things about her just to make you stay away from her” I said as I put some snacks into my mouth. Seth watched me for a while and shook his head with a smile, then patted my head. “I won’t marry her and I don’t like her. I told you. Even if I was forced to marry her, here you are. You will stop me” She laughed and said as I also laughed because of what he said. “Of course I won’t let you marry another woman” I kissed his cheek moving closer to him and said. Then Seth playfully looked at me and winked before stopping in front of a mountain. “Let’s watch the sunset here and go home okay?” I happily nodded because I really liked it. I always wanted to watch the sunset with him because it’s such a romantic thing. “Seth we should come here whenever we can” I said and he nodded at me with a smile. Then kissed my forehead as we got out of the car.